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Whether you are planning to get a Watch Gang monthly subscription box for yourself or as a gift for your beloved ones do not subscribe to it before reading our Watch Gang review. In this article, you will find information about the Watch Gang tiers, details, futures, shipping, how it works, comparison and our readers’ reviews.

Some say that time is money. For us, that idea is true but have more than it is. Today, time is the most valuable thing we have.

Especially nowadays we live so fast and think like there is no time to waste. That’s why you should keep your time in a robust tool: your watch!

Watch Gang enjoys the best of both worlds while bringing the premium watches to you with the pleasure of maintaining a great look on your wrist.

We believe that with the exclusive subscription service of Watch Gang, the prestige will be shining on your wrist!

Before purchasing something from a company, it is best to know who is that company and how do they work in order to rely on it and have proper expectations. So, what is Watch Gang and what they do?

What is Watch Gang?

Watch Gang is a monthly watch club that brings the most complement accessories you need: distinguish watches. Watch Gang was established by Matthew Gallagher, who admires watches, in September 2016 and since then it has been reaching watch lovers around the world.

Matthew has been a watch geek like most of us, and the idea of establishing a company that provides fascinating watches regarding their preferences to people at affordable prices.

Moreover, he wanted to maintain some things more than a watch, and that’s why he added the Rolex giveaway. Because he knows that every watch lover admires Rolex.

Let’s have an in-depth look into how Watch Gang works.

Watch Gang Reviews

How does Watch Gang work?

Watch Gang works quite simple for its customers. You can see that everything you need is provided on the website.
The ordering process is also efficient and comfortable. There are four steps for ordering the watches.

1- Let them know what you like in a watch

At first, Watch Gang wants you to indicate your preferences. Do you like the straps gold, metallic, or leather?

After that Watch Gang presents its suggestions for you, based on your preferences, of the best subscription options among three different options, which are Platinum Tier, Black Tier, and Original Tier.

2- Receive your watch

After you pick your order and purchased the watches, Watch Gang will send you watches that cost up to 4x more expensive than your subscription fee.

3- Expand Your Taste

Subscribing is not only purchasing an item and waiting for the knock on your door, in Watch Gang’s opinion. That’s why Watch Gang wants you to become a member of a real monthly watch club with involving more.

After you subscribe, you will be eligible to access to exclusive deals, trades, and sales in a special community.

Apart from all of them, Watch Gang takes you into a draw to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer, or Seiko, every week. Besides from those more prominent brands, Watch Gang hosts giveaways for its customers almost every day. Even though you do not get a Rolex, you will receive great, handpicked watches.

You do not need to do anything to join the lottery, you will automatically participate.

What is Watch Gang subscription box?

Subscription boxes by the Watch Gang curated every month personally for its receiver. Today, Watch Gang offers three various types of boxes that contain different style watches with on different values. Another good thing is, Watch Gang is doing giveaways exclusively to its box subscribers where they can win watches.

Original Tier

Original Tier is a stylish and fashionable collection that is curated with fabulous, premium watches. When you subscribe to Original Tier, you will receive watches that have Japanese or Swiss quartz movement.

All watches you get from Original Tier have authenticity guarantee, and you can cancel your subscription without any toil.

When you subscribe to Original Tier collection, you will also be able to access to flash sales.

You can subscribe to this collection at only $29,99 per watch. You do not need to worry about the quality of the watches; some of them worths up to $150.

After subscribing to Original Tier, you will participate in the special giveaways automatically.

Black Tier

Black Tier is a collection that is made of luxurious watches at affordable prices. If you subscribe to Black Tier collection, you will receive high-quality watches, including premium microbrands and large name brands that have both Japanese and Swiss quartz or automatic movement.

All the watches you will get via Black Tier have authenticity guarantee. You can wear them without any hesitation regarding their authenticity.

If you get a Black Tier subscription, you will be able to access to flash sales, and you can cancel your subscription without any problem.

You can get this premium collection at only $99 per watch. The watches you will receive may worth up to $500.

Also, when you subscribe to Black Tier, you will be eligible to participate in the special giveaways automatically, as always.

Platinum Tier

Platinum Tier is a subscription option for those who love solid, strong, and exclusive watches that worth up to $1500. In fact, Watch Gang defines Platinum Tier as super luxurious.

When you subscribe to Platinum Tier collection, you will have super lux watches that have Japanese or Swiss automatic movement.

Also, like Original Tier and Black Tier, when you subscribe to Platinum Tier, you will be eligible to access to flash sales and to participate in the special giveaways that regularly organized, as always.

And of course, you can cancel your subscription without any trouble.

You can subscribe to this super luxurious package with only $299 per watch.

If your time is your most valuable thing, watches that you get from Platinum Tier is what represents it the best.


Who is Watch Gang good for?

If you like having a watch collection that is made of entirely high quality, subscribing to Watch Gang is the best thing you can do.

Also, most of us, unfortunately, have a couple of watches that we wear all the time. Sometimes the watches we wear may not match our clothes or style. Well, in this case having a variety of options may help us to improve the way we look.

Moreover, you can feel how much customer satisfaction is important for Watch Gang by their attitude. Receiving authentic watches that cost 5x than you paid is what makes Watch Gang unique.

And the most attractive one: the special giveaways. When you subscribe to any watch subscription box, Watch Gang allows you to participate in special giveaways to have a chance to get famous brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer, or Seiko.

Who isn’t Watch Gang good for?

Well, everyone has their own tastes. Some do not like watches at all or do not value that much. For some watch is only an accessory that tells us the time. Well, if you are one of them, not subscribing to Watch Gang may not be for you.

If you do not like watches at all, receiving a lot of watches is not something you need, as we think.

Or if you like watches and also want to have more control in order to customize what you will receive, not subscribing to Watch Gang is a good idea for you. Because what Watch Gang deliveries are completely private until you receive it.

How Watch Gang Works

Watch Gang details and features

There are several things that put Watch Gang in a special place in the watch lovers’ heart. Here are the reasons why Watch Gang is one step further than other brands.

  • All the watches are authenticity guaranteed. Therefore you can subscribe to Watcher Gang without any hesitation about the originality of watches.
  • You are allowed to see the watches sent before of the subscription plans.
  • You can cancel your subscriptions without any hassle.
  • Watch Gang supplies watches worth more than your membership fee.
  • Watch Gang has been nominated as the best subscription box for men.
  • Watch Gang offers its subscribers to win a Rolex with organizing special giveaways every week. Even if the customers cannot win a Rolex, they can get a handpicked stylish watch instead.

Watch Gang doesn’t want you to miss these privileged collections. That’s why Watch Gang ships the collections to wherever you are.

What do our readers think about Watch Gang subscription?

We know that the best way to obtain sufficient information about a service is customer reviews. That’s why while preparing this Watch Gang review, we collected the opinions of our readers who had experienced the subscription service of Watch Gang.

We tried to divide our readers’ experiences and reviews into several aspects, which are the delivery quality, price, the quality of the watches, user-friendliness of the website, and customer care services of Watch Gang.

Our readers’ opinion on the prices of Watch Gang

While taking our readers’ reviews into considerations, the most salient thing we saw was their opinion on the price policy of Watch Gang. Having three different tiers that appeal to different budgets is the most satisfying feature of Watch Gang for our readers.

Our readers’ opinion on the delivery quality

Supplying watches all around the world from California without any delivery problem is what makes Watch Gang special for our readers. Most of our readers are totally satisfied with both the delivery time and the protection of the watches.

Our readers’ opinion on the quality of the watches

Receiving a wide range of watches that are entirely based on the customers’ preferences is somewhat useful for our readers. Also, being able to see what sort of watches the tiers included in the past deliveries is something that helps the customers to have opinions about the tier.

On the other hand, knowing nothing about the upcoming watch is what our readers do not like. They think having an option that allows them to customize their future boxes, in addition to indicating the preferences, in the beginning, may bring a more proper outcome.

Our readers’ experiences with the customer care service of Watch Gang

Sometimes you may be unlucky and receive a watch that doesn’t look good on your wrist or doesn’t suit your style. Well, in this case, Watch Gang does not accept returns and refunds.

But, it provides you with a more useful option in order to get rid of what you received and get a better one: Watch Gang Exchange Facebook group. You can sell the watches you did not like or even trade them with the ones you liked.

Providing a free market for its customers is not exactly what some of our readers expect but having this option is more useful for most of our customers due to their aims. Since they wanted to get a watch, there is a recovery option for unwanted deliveries. Moreover, you can create great networks to have informative conversations and discussions about watches.

You can check the official community group here.

Having cancellations without any problem is what our readers liked most. Being able to unsubscribe to Watch Gang without any hassle while feeling unsatisfied with the watch received is one of the most satisfying services for our readers.

And most importantly, allowing the customers to participate in special giveaways that gives a chance to win an exclusive watch from a famous brand is what stole our readers’ hearts.

What our readers think about the user-friendliness of the website

When you get into the website, you can see what is Watch Gang and what it provides to its customers.

Having a website full of useful tabs is a big plus for our customers. In their opinion getting everything they need with one click on the screen is what makes the website efficient.

Watch Gang compared

As always, while writing this review about Watch Gang, we tried to make a proper comparison between Watch Gang and other monthly watch clubs like Monthly Watch Box and Wrist Society, in order to maintain reliable information.
During this comparison, we focused on main aspects like the prices, delivery services, quality of the watches, websites, and of course customer services.

For us, the websites of each brand are quite similar. All the websites work usefully to bring information and specialities without any toil. The designs of the websites are %100 user-friendly for us. Finding what we need was a piece of cake for us. But when you check Watch Gang’s website you can see more informing descriptions about the watches and services.

When we talk about the prices, again, we can say that prices are pretty close to each other. While there are 4 different subscription options and prices Monthly Watch Box between $29-$149, there are 2 different ones in Wrist Society cost $29 and $39, and 3 different subscription offers and prices in Watch Gang cost between $29,99 to $99.

All three brands have international shipments that take some days to deliver. Regardless of the brands, you can get your delivery on time in solid shape.

If it is the quality of the watches that we talk about, we must say that each brand has their own standards, but in this aspect, Watch Gang is one step further than others with providing hand-picked watches regarding the customers’ preferences.

Customer services of those three are not performing the same. First of all, while Monthly Watch Box does not accept returns or exchanges, Watch Gang and Wrist Society offer their customers another way to make their watches money or trade them via their Facebook communities.


Gentlemen, most of us today have their own style in their own way. And sometimes we can be hesitant about our watches as the most completing accessory of our look. Since you are here, we believe that you do not underestimate the value of watches.

And today, we hope that we could provide you with the most important information and details of Watch Gang.

Do not forget, with an exclusive look provided by premium watches of Watch Gang, everyone around you will understand how valuable your time is.

Personally curated high-quality watch boxes delivered to your door every month.

Thanks for reading, we hope that our Watch Gang review helps you before you subscribe to it.