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If you ever wanted to eat the most delicious fishes, joining a seafood club or seafood subscription service is one of the most convenient ways to start.

Consuming seafood is not only delicious but also nutritious. The doctors recommend us to eat seafood at least twice a week, and most of them consider fish as the healthiest type of meat.

Seafood contains high nutritional value, including high protein, low carb, fertile fat such as unsaturated fat and omega-3&6, and innumerable vitamins that are healthful for our body.

Thankfully, nowadays, we can reach seafood whenever and wherever we want to. But are we all aware of what we eat at those seafood restaurants? Do we know how the fishes we buy were husbanded with proper conditions? Well if you are suspicious as well, welcome to the club.

Today we are not constrained to consume foods we do not know. We can find some services that deliver healthy food right to our doorstep and Vital Choice is one of them.

You do not need to eat what you don’t know anymore. For that occasion, Vital Choice is here to serve you the fishes you and your family have always deserved.

What is Vital Choice?

Once upon a time a fishing expert Randy Hartnell decided to establish a company to share this nutritious, natural beauties of sustainable seafood with people. Since 2000, the crew of Vital Choice, who is experienced in fishing in Alaska, have been working steadfastly in such a discipline of a navy.

Since those days Vital Choice has been working as a nutrition delivery service that supplies wild fishes, shellfishes, subscription boxes, canned and pouched kinds of seafood, premium protein, samplers and gift packs, organic food and seasonings, meal kits, supplements, cookbooks, and cooking tools to its customers. And today, Vital Choice Seafood is highly consumed nationwide.

Besides delivering cooking materials and nutritions, Vital Choice provides exclusive information for those who are interested in learning more, such as newsletters, book recommendations, podcast series, recipes, and how-to videos.

Especially in the podcast series, you can learn more premium pieces of information about seafood industry and health benefits of seafood with experiences of the founder of the company, Randy Hartnell, who is a former Alaska commercial fisherman and wild seafood advocate. You can listen to these podcasts via Vital Choice and iTunes.

How Vital Choice Works?

Vital Choice believes that today finding good fish is like finding gold. Today, most of us do not live in Eldorado, but fortunately, we do not need to! Vital Choice brings the most delicious gold onto your plate regardless of wherever you live in the United States of America, or Australia, as soon as possible.

Regarding your order, you will receive two different boxes of products from Vital Choice, which are the perishable box and the non-perishable box.

  • The perishable box is made for protecting those foods that require special protection to stay fresh. The foods are covered with compostable and biodegradable SeaSaving packaging. You will also get a welcome card, order queue, information card about how SeaSaving packaging works, and a catalog if you wish.

You will receive your foods in a white cartoon box beneath. On the one side of the box, you can read the ingredients and product descriptions. Also, you will receive nutritional information and cooking advice for some products in these boxes.

You can store your products within those boxes in your conventional freezer for 3 to 6 months, or in your deep freezer up to a year.

  • The non-perishable box is a classic delivery box, which is quite similar to the perishable box, except for SeaSaving packaging.

This box is for delivering non-perishable items, such as cans or supplements.

Usually, non-perishable items last more than a year, that’s why they do not need special protection for the delivery.

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What is Vital Box?

Vital Box is a service that brings monthly seafood subscription boxes that are curated meticulously by professionals to provide hand-selected premium quality wild seafood. Today, Vital Box is one of the most demanded services of Vital Choice.

There are 3 types of Vital Box Seafood Subscription Boxes, which are the wild salmon box, wild fish box, and wild seafood box. Inside the boxes, you will get 5 to 8 different products, and 1 to 4 pieces of each product, regarding your order. So, each box has different content and diverse amount of portion. But, you can find those Vital Choice Salmon inside these premium boxes.

Regardless of your subscription choice, you can adjust the number of boxes as you wish.

In addition to those subscription boxes, Vital Choice has two more boxes for those who are hesitant to subscribe and needs to start from somewhere.

In contrast to the subscription boxes, those ones, which are Vital Choice Welcome Box and Vital Starter Box, are more likely to one- time try-outs instead of subscriptions.

Didn’t it sound awesome for you, too? Then let’s have a more in-depth look at them together.

Vitalchoice review

Wild Salmon Box

Wild Salmon Box contains a rich variety of delicious seafood, such as salmon burgers, dogs or sausages, smoked salmon, single-serve portions, without shellfish.

Wild Salmon Box consists of approximately 14 or more servings of seafood for 2 adult people.

Bringing that precious seafood to your table costs only $129 per box, shipping is free if you get on here.

Wild Fish Box

Wild Fish Box is a creation of premium wild salmon and other fish, for instance, halibut, cod, tuna, sole, and sablefish, with salmon burgers, dogs, or sausages, without shellfish.

Wild Fish Box contains 15 or more servings per box for 2 adult people.

Having that delicious seafood will cost you only $169 per box, including shipping.

Wild Seafood Box

Wild Seafood Box is a curation of a satisfying assortment of salmon, fish, and shellfish, along with tasty salmon burgers, dogs, or sausages, shellfish, and more.

You will get 17 or more servings in Wild Seafood Boxes for 2 adult consumers.

With only $199 per box, including shipping fee, you can get this exclusive curation right to your doorstep.

If you are not sure where to start, you can check the details of those boxes down there.

Welcome Box

If you are new to Vital Box, Vital Choice welcomes you to club with this premium Welcome Box! Welcome Box includes most demanded seafood, including wild Sockeye Salmon, Wild King Salmon, Wild Alaskan Halibut, and six stellar top sellers!
The whole content of the box is like:

    • Two 6-oz portions of boneless, skin-on, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
    • Two 6-oz portions of boneless, skinless Wild Alaskan Halibut
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon Burgers, which are two tasteful 4-oz patties
  • Deluxe Wild Sockeye Salmon Burgers, which are two delicious 5-oz patties
  • One 0.75-oz pouch of Organic Salmon Marinade/Rub – Original Blend
  • One 3.5-oz pouch of Organic Lemon-Pepper Marinade/Rub

We believe that with this generous box, you will find what kind of wild fish you really like and become a permanent member of Vital Choice.
You can get this box without shipping fee just for $99 on here.

Vital Starter Box

If you are a new one and looking for a good start organic seafood, you are in the right place! Vital Starter Box is created with the most popular tastes for those who love seafood and try to new delicious ones with six stellar top sellers!
With this starter box, you will get:

    • Two 6-oz portions of boneless, skin-on, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
    • Two 6-oz portions of boneless, skinless Wild Alaskan Halibut
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon Burgers, which are two tasteful 4-oz patties
  • One 5-oz portion of Smoked Wild King Candy
  • One 4-oz package of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Nova Lox
  • One 3.5-oz pouch of Organic Lemon-Pepper Seasonings

We believe that no seafood lover can say no this box unless go and catch by themselves.
You can get this box for only $99.00 without any shipping fee on here.

What about the shipment of the boxes?

Vital Choice sends the boxes by the 2nd week of the month, and you are expected to receive within that week.  When the delivery is on the way, you receive a confirmation email with a UPS tracking number.

Who is Vital Choice Good for?

Since the day Vital Choice launched it, Vital Box has been an excellent option for those who is:

  • pescatarian
  • prefers to consume organic seafood
  • supports sustainable seafood
  • likes to cook their favorite fish in their own way
  • is a seafood lover but have no time either for the grocery shopping nor cleaning the fishes. In addition to those benefits we mentioned above, most of the Vital Box members are subscribing for the first-class taste of wild fish that they cannot find anywhere else.

Who isn’t VitalChoice good for?

Some do not like the taste of seafood. Even though we cannot understand how could it be, we respect every enjoyment. Some may have some health issues that withholds you from consuming seafood; in this case, Vital Choice is not a good choice.

Vital Choice details and features

Customer satisfaction is a must for Vital Choice. For them losing a client means losing a friend. That’s why Vital Choice tries to sustain trust, loyalty, and happiness with every box as much as possible.

In this sense, if you are unsatisfied with Vital Choice, they promise you to replace your order or refund your money.

Vital Choice also sends you an email that reminds you of the upcoming deliveries. To ensure reliable customer service, Vital Choice will not post your next Vital Box delivery unless you confirm the following order with your email.

What do our readers think about Vital Choice?

We also tried to bring what our readers experienced while using Vital Choice.

We rake together our customers’ Vital Choice reviews about the delivery, taste, price, and customer care services.

Most of our readers were highly satisfied with the quality, taste, and freshness of the products. Also, every time receiving the same quality is the main reason to subscribe longer for them.

Even though Vital Box prices seem more expensive than its competitors, our readers do not consider it as a problem. Because they think the quality they receive worths the price.

Customer care service of Vital Choice is perfect according to our readers’ experiences. They think the website is convenient to reach what they want and get more information. Also, the replacement and return policy is another reason for them to subscribe to Vital Box.

Getting their orders within days in solid boxes makes the delivery service reliable for our visitors. Especially covering the perishable goods with premium protection is one of the most important reasons why the customers select Vital Box.

Vital Choice Compared

In order to provide more reliable information, we compared Vital Box to other seafood subscription services in the market, for instance, Oceanbox and While comparing, we focused on main aspects like price, delivery service, the content of the boxes, and customer care.

During our comparison, the first thing that glitters is the price. Due to the size and content quality of the boxes, Vital Choice costs slightly higher than others, but it is worth for the class.

We can also say that Vital Choice is far better than its competitors in shipping. While its competitors can deliver only within the United States, Vital Choice is able to deliver your order even to Australia.

In addition, when you receive your Vital Box you will get bigger portions and safer packaging than the other options.

And lastly but most importantly, Vital Choice has a responsible attitude towards the customers. While you are unsatisfied with what you received, you can get only a replacement from On the other hand, you can either get a replacement or refund from Vital Choice and Oceanbox.


We tried to provide you with an objective review of Vital Box from the pieces of information we gathered. We hope that our review will be informing and also enjoying for you.

According to our researches, with all the service benefits like delivery and customer-care, premium quality products like first-class wild fishes and more, Vital Box is one of the best monthly seafood subscription box options that you can have without any hesitation.

You can order your first box with a mind at peace and get those delightful foods in your fridge within days.