There are some monthly food delivery services to save you from wasting your time at grocery shopping and bring the meal you love to your kitchen island. Veestro is one of those lifesaving companies out there with its unique features.

Today, it may be difficult to have nourishing meals at affordable prices. For some, the conflict of the fast-food industry and healthy meal is a big issue. Especially if you are vegan or vegetarian, it is harder to get the meal that worths your money. Even if you want to prepare your favorite dish by yourself, picking the freshest items and preparing is another problem for you.

What is Veestro?

Veestro is one of the most popular plant-based meal delivery service all around the United States. It sends subscription boxes full of healthful, nutrient-rich, plant-based and delicious vegan dishes, desserts, and juices from Los Angeles, California to contiguously the United States. Today, Veestro is only available for online purchasing.

What Veestro aims is simple: bring the healthy, tasty, and green-friendly lifestyle that you want to obtain and sustain. Besides, you will also receive the inner happiness you wished for, with Veestro. And yes, true nutrition brings true happiness.

Let’s have a more in-depth look at the history of Veestro.

The Story of Veestro

Mark, who created Veestro, used to work in a bank and he was feeling unhappy with all of this unhealthy and exhausting lifestyle.

He thought that climbing the corporate ladder was not for him, and since he had an idea to put into practice, he left the corporate world and started his own business with his sister Monica in 2000.

Since that day, those siblings have been working for providing the nourishment they had in their childhood in Costa Rica: nutritious, fast, but also delicious!

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How Veestro Works?

Veestro has a lot of variations options for ordering. On the one hand, you can have a regular vegan meal subscription box; on the other hand, if you are hesitated to subscribe, you can have a one-time box.

Regardless of which one you prefer, you will have a whole food plant-based meal delivery knocking on your door.

The ordering process of Veestro is quite easy and fast:

  • You pick the subscription option you want
  • Customize the meal plans as you wish
  • Choose how frequently you want to have a delivery, either weekly or biweekly
  • After your order, the professional chefs prepare the meals, and the company sends them directly to you as fresh as possible
  • You receive your delivery within 3 days after shipping
  • You enjoy your deliciously plant-based meals
  • You can cancel, skip or change the details of your order anytime you want. Also, since Veestro is eager to protect the environment and put a smile on your face, it involves you to that process while bringing you meals within %100 compostable carton trays or entirely recyclable BPA-free plastic pouches. Thus, you will not only save the animals by ordering Veestro, but you will also be protecting nature, by all means. You are a true hero!

Veestro Shipping

Veestro can send orders to all around the United States of America, unfortunately except for Alaska and Hawaii.

If you have decided which box you will take and purchased the order by Sunday, Veestro will ship out your delivery on the following Monday or Tuesday.

There are three different estimation for three different parts of the country, such as delivery within 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or 4 days due to your location.

For example, if you live in easy-reachable states like California, you can receive your delivery within maximum 48 hours. But if you live in a state that is located far away from Los Angeles, you will get your dishes within 3 days.

Only some deliveries to some parts of Texas and Montana can take up to 4 days.

After Veestro ships your delivery, you will receive a shipping confirmation mail with a tracking number so you will be able to follow the process of your shipment by yourself.

How Much does Veestro Shipping Cost?

If you just want to try for once, it costs only $9,99. If you are a subscriber, shipping is free of charge! Quite affordable, isn’t it? Also, it will be just for once, we know that you will not pay for any cargo after your first delivery because you will be a subscriber.

How Do They Protect the Ingredients During the Shipment?

As we all know, organic foods cannot last long because they are produced without any preservative or chemicals. So, how can Veestro send boxes full of organic and natural goods all around the country without using any additional hormone or chemicals to provide its products longevity? Well, here is your explanation.

Veestro puts itself in your shoes and cares for not only the quality of ingredients but also the delivery. That’s why Veestro uses the latest innovations of technology and puts the products into insulated boxes, with the coverage of dry-ice to keep the foods fresh in a frozen way.

Sometimes dry-ice might be melted, but there is no need to worry. If the ingredients are fridge-cold when you touch them, you can eat them without any hesitancy. Also, since the meals include no meat, they cannot spoil that easy.

What is Veestro Subscription Box?

Veestro subscription box is a vegan food subscription box that includes top quality plant-based, healthy and well-prepared meals by professional chefs directly through your doorsteps weekly or biweekly, as you wish.

Veestro has three different subscription options today, which are

  • Chef’s Choice subscription box is prepared by professional cooks for those who trust the experience and knowledge.
  • Weight Loss subscription option is prepared for those who want to lose weight healthily while consuming organic vegan meals
  • A La Carte menu subscription is for who likes to pick and create their own mixtures of meals, such as breakfast, entrees; and juices.

Let’s dive into meals and discover more about Veestro’s subscription offers.

Chef’s Choice

Do you feel confused when you find yourself in the middle of various options and have to make some decisions? We know that sometimes everyone does. Since we all making decisions every day relentlessly, it may get irksome after a while.

In order to get rid of this confusing decision-making process, all you need to do is subscribing to Chef’s Choice menu.

Chef’s Choice offers you fixed menu made of %100 plant-based meals, or juice cleanse. If you enjoy eating rather than cooking, you are lucky. Heating the meals is your only obligation in this case. Within minutes, you can put away those deliciously healthy meals.

But the decision making is not over yet. And, since this one is personal, we think it is the most important. Veestro wants to cover your health and priorities as well, and thusly presents you 3 different box options, such as Customer Favorites, High Protein, and Gluten-Free.

You can have either 10 meals, 20 meals, or 30 meals within these boxes, depending on your choice.

  • If you order Customer Favorites Menu, you will receive the most popular dishes of Veestro among all, without any consideration of allergies. You can indicate your situation if you have a health issue, or even if you want to make changes in the ingredients.
  • If you are a beast at the gym that loves to kick rocks, High Protein Menu is what you need. Each box is carefully curated with meals contain high-protein, nutritious carbs, and healthy fat, for boosting your gym performance and providing a faster muscle recovery. Even though having a diet that helps muscle growth sounds savorless, this High Protein box will bring life to your muscles with the joy full of mouth. If you have some special occasions that keep you away from eating some particular foods, such as gluten intolerance or allergies, you can state your situation during the ordering process to make a change.
  • Veestro cares about its customers a lot, and that’s why it has special menus for some customers who may have health issues. For that occasion, Gluten-Free Menu is the one you must pick without any being hesitant if you have a gluten intolerance.

Besides meals, you can also order Juice Cleanse from Chef’s Choice. Juice Cleanse is a mixture of different refreshing and detoxing juices that contain vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. If you have a special health issue that prohibits you from consuming some elements, you do not need to worry. Veestro Juices are entirely dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Also, Juice Cleanse has 3 various options, which are 20 Juices box, 40 Juices box, and 60 Juices box.

Weight Loss

Can you feel the summer is on the way? Even if you don’t take this as your reminder.

We all want to look great and impressive while having a holiday on the beach wearing our favorite swimsuits during the summer. Of course, we want to have fascinating memories, perfectly captured photos during our vacations.

Well, even if you are not ready for the summer, the good news is there is still time to get your beach body, and Weight Loss Menu will help you to accomplish it.

Weight Loss Menu is a weekly plant-based diet meal delivery that is curated for consuming approximately 1200 calories per day. Each box contains daily breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

If you don’t like to spend your time cooking or want to have a complete package that covers your every meal in a week, you can purchase a weekly 7-day meal plan. With this plan, you do not need to prepare your dishes and waste your time doing grocery shopping during the week.

On the other hand, if you like spending time with chopping vegetables and preparing the ingredients by yourself, or just prefer to have a cheat-weekend the 5-day meal plan will cover your needs during the weekdays.

Even if you have a gluten intolerance, you can opt your order as gluten-free.

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A La Carte

Do you prefer setting your own table by yourself? Well, in that case, A La Carte menu is all you need. You can choose anything you want from a wide range of meals from Mediterranean Falafel to Veggie Lasagna without limitation.

A La Carte menu provides you with the freedom of choice among numerous meals as much as you want. Also, Veestro considers that you may have dietary preferences, such as high-protein, gluten-free, low-calorie, soy-free, nut-free, and kosher, and therefore maintains dishes that are suitable for you.

A La Carte menu has three different subscription option, which are 10 meals, 20 meals, or 30 meals boxes.

If you just have a try to ease your curiosity for Veestro we recommend you to order 10 meal box. If you have time for the weekends and just want to cover your busy days with healthful choices, you can have 20 meal box.

But if you are a real vegan who cannot live without well-prepared and specially designed dishes, 30 meal box is all you need.


How to Store the Meals After You Receive Them

So you came home after an exhausting working day, you saw the shining Veestro box in front of your door. You ran into your kitchen and unboxed it at once like a child opens his gift in the Christmas morning.

After you remove the box, you will have your ordered meals in little boxes covered with dry ice. Veestro suggests you put these boxes either in your fridge or freezer in this very moment.

You can store the meals in your freezer up to 8 weeks without any perishment. In your fridge, you can store them up to a week.

If you want to eat them, it is recommended you to keep them in your fridge for a day or 2 days in order to thaw out. After the ice is gone, you can warm them up easily and enjoy your meal!

What about storing the Veestro Juices?

The best way to store your juices is by putting them into your freezer. When you want to drink those refreshing beverages, you should put them into your refrigerator for a night to defrost it. And ta-da, your favorite drink is ready!

Since they do not contain any preservatives, you must consume them within 24-48 hours.

How Much Do Veestro Subscription Boxes Cost?

The prices of Veestro subscriptions vary on your menu preferences.

There are two different prices for Weight Loss Menu: 5 days a week plan costs $175,50 and 7 days a week plan costs $226,80.

Chef’s Choice has fixed prices regardless of what is your preference. You can pick either customer favorites menu, high protein menu, gluten-free menu, or Juice Cleanse menu with the same price.

You can have 10 meal menu or 20 juices for $117, 20 meal menu or 40 juices for $216, and 30 meal menu or 60 juices for $297.

Purchasing A La Carte is a bit different than the other two meal plans. When you land on a la carte page, Veestro shows you the three options, which are the same with others as 10,20, or 30 meal plans, and their costs per meal regardless of the dishes.

10 meal box costs only $11.7 per meal.

If you prefer to have 20 meal box, it costs $10.80 per meal.

As the cheapest option, 30 meal box costs only $9.90 per meal.

We also would like to remind you that if you subscribe to any of the boxes above shipment is free of charge. Otherwise, it costs only $9,90.

Who is Veestro Good For?

Being vegetarian or vegan is a lifestyle that is hard to practice, even today. You may try to obtain this lifestyle but, as we all know, sustaining is really hard due to both temptations and difficulty of finding vegan-friendly products.

At this moment, Veestro welcomes you with the pleasure of maintaining all you need. Veestro is useful for those who look for a sustainable, delicious vegan dishes and beverages with its customer satisfaction based attitude.

Who isn’t Veestro Good For?

If you are basically not a vegan, and consume animal products, or just do not take nourishment that serious, you are not expected to subscribe to Veestro.

Veestro Details and Features

We all know that there are a bunch of brands offering healthy vegan subscription boxes out there. So, what makes Veestro that special? Why did people suppose to follow Veestro subscription boxes?

First of all, Veestro was established by real vegans for vegans. Mark knows vegan the best in that case. Also, Veestro has a well-designed website that meets every requirement for its visitors. Customers can obtain useful details for various aspects of being vegan, such as health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Moreover, if you have a health issue, such as gluten intolerance or allergies of some foods, the only thing that you are supposed to do is inform Veestro while purchasing.

Furthermore, allowing you to opt your meal for your dietary preferences such as gluten-free, soy-free, high-protein, low-calorie, nut-free, or kosher, in the ordering process is one of the most useful features of Veestro. If you are a parent and want to feed your children with carefully prepared child-friendly options.

That’s not all. Veestro wants you to know as much as possible about the meals, and thusly serves nutritive values of them on the Web page of the menu. Thanks to that, you are able to see how many calories, carbs, protein, and fat you will consume.

Also, when you have a problem with the dishes you received, like perished products, Veestro provides you purchasing credits instead of refund or replacement.

Veestro Compared

While writing this review, we wanted to demonstrate the main differences between Veestro. That’s why we compared it to other popular brands that have plant-based meal delivery all around the country, like Forks Fresh Meals, Plant Perfection Foods, or Vegin’ Out.

During this comparison, we focused on reflecting the difference in general, like price, delivery service, the content of the boxes, customer care services, and customer satisfaction.

The most outstanding difference that makes Veestro one step further than others are being created by a real vegan for a vegan. Also, using hand-picked, organic and natural ingredients without using additional preservatives, chemicals, or flavors is another plus for Veestro.

This one is maybe the most important for our planet, Veestro is a nature-lover not only for protecting animals but also for reducing the harmful waste, by all means. Therefore, Veestro uses recyclable boxing for deliveries.

Veestro also delivers only prepared meals that are ready to heat, not fresh products. In this case not having the ingredients freshly, instead, receiving fixed meals is unpleasant for some.

Delivery quality of Veestro is undoubtedly satisfying. When we need to rank its quality, we can definitely say it is at the top class in the market.

And lastly, and the crucial one for the most, the price. Veestro has higher prices than the average price due to its natural and organic products. If we consider that you will not need to do grocery shopping after getting Veestro boxes, the costs can seem reasonable.

What do Our Readers think About Veestro?

What is the best resource for getting the most sufficient information? Of course, the customer reviews are. That’s why we gathered what our readers who had a customer experience with Veestro.

We observed that even though our readers think that some aspects can be improved and get better, they are mostly satisfied with every service of Veestro. We tried to get both negative and positive ideas of our visitors.

Subscribers are highly satisfied with the portion sizes, menus’ flexibility, easy to learn the nutritional value of meals, and especially with the variety of options. For them, having options for their dietary preferences and reaching them with one click is very useful.

Also, people are mostly satisfied with what they received. Delivering the meals inside a recyclable bag makes the customers feel more environmentally friendly.

Although having lots of meal options is a nice benefit, not having deeply customizable menus is a minus for Veestro, in customers’ opinions.

According to the subscribers, another undesired feature of Veestro is obviously the price. Some of them are unsatisfied with high prices of menus, despite having all that nutritious and healthful meals.


Some people think that eating organic and plant-based is not tasty and does not worth it that much. Today, we believe we proved it wrong with our review of Veestro.

At the first very moment that we met Veestro, we noticed that Veestro is a brand of philosophy. Having a purpose like preventing pollution and protecting animals with completely green-friendly agriculture methods and using compostable or recyclable packaging is the key feature that makes Veestro unique and irreplaceable.