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Going to the gym and working out is some things we all do nowadays. But how we do them is more important than doing them. That’s why we try to get some fitness gears and accessories to demonstrate our difference. On the other hand, most of those fitness products are rubbish, except for some brands.

Getting high-quality goodies from those respected brands by ourselves might be hard, and for us, today it is unnecessary, in fact. Instead, we can order them online, like we often do. With those services, we can get what we wanted from a fitness retail store, without going out and waste our time in shopping centers. Gainz Box is one of the most popular fitness subscription box suppliers all around the United States of America.

With this Gainz Box review, we will try to help you with pieces of useful information about Gainz Box we gathered together.

What is Gainz Box?

Gainz Box is a monthly fitness subscription box delivery service that aims to supply you all the goodies you would want to receive every month. Gainz Box invites you to join an elite athlete club with subscribing the functional fitness box subscription offer it presents.

Today, Gainz Box is one of the best fitness subscription boxes all around the United States of America. And for your information, they know what they do. 😉

With Gainz Box, your gains will be less painful than before.

How does Gainz Box work?

The way Gainz Box work is simple. Gainz Box wants you to get what you want as easy as possible, and therefore they developed their system basic.

With only 3 easy steps, you can get your monthly fitness box.

  1. Pick your fitness box subscription plan among monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, or yearly subscription offers
  2. Select personal details, which are your gender and the sizes of your top, bottom and underwears
  3. Give your personal information, such as where you live, your birthday, shipping address, and billing information.

And that’s all! You have just had your subscription.

Now you can wait for your delivery knocking on your door. For us, it is the hardest part of the process.

What about the shipment?

Gainz Box can send the subscription boxes all around the United States of America. Unfortunately, you cannot order from Gainz Box if you live somewhere else, for now.

What is Gainz Box subscription box?

Gainz Box subscription boxes are specially curated monthly fitness boxes in order to provide a mixture of well-designed useful fitness items, such as shakers, supplements, healthy fitness snacks, workout gears, and training equipments and others.

Right now there are monthly, seasonal, half a yearly, and yearly subscription options are available at Gainz Box.

Also, with Gainz Box, you will receive fitness-related products according to your personal information like size, gender, and some other preferences.

As we see, Gainz Box subscription boxes offer to bring first-class items with much lower prices than the retail prices. Furthermore, every month delivering different types of products is what else Gainz Box offers.

Which subscription option is the best one for you?

As we mentioned above, there are 4 different subscription options that Gainz Box offers, which are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscription options.

If you are about to start your fitness subscription box programme and want to explore what is in the market and the best options for you, purchasing one-month fitness subscription box will be enough for you to ease your curiosity.

People who seek for seasonal fitness partner tend to subscribe to 3-month fitness box more than other options. On the other hand, if you want to see the diversity of the products Gainz Box delivers, subscribing for 3-month will be informed enough for you.

If you are about to start your workouts in winter and want to be ready for the upcoming summer, subscribing to the 6-month box is the best option for you.

Do you look for a subscription offer that covers all your needs with reliable service quality? Then 12-month subscription option is the one you get without any hesitation.

How much Gainz Box cost?

Prices of subscribing to Gainz Box depends on the frequency of the offer you want to get. As we all know, when the frequency is more often prices are automatically decreases. That’s why we recommend you to subscribe for a more extended period if you want to save your money.

If you prefer to receive this fitness box monthly, you will pay $32 per box + $7 shipping.

If you wanted to have a seasonal subscription of those fitness goodies, high-protein snacks, etc. you would pay $31 per box and $7 for shipping, $114 in total.

Increasing your gains with this professionally curated box and getting ready for the summer with a motivating partner costs only $30 per box and $7 for the shipment, $222 in total.

If you look for an option that covers all your requirements throughout the year, you can get 12-month fitness boxes with $29 per box, $7 for the delivery, and $432 in total.

P. S: Regardless of the frequency of your subscription, every subscription automatically renews itself.

Whom Gainz Box is suitable for?

If you are a “beast” who likes to kick rocks in the gym and obtained fitness as a lifestyle, subscribing to Gainz Box is one of your essentials, right after your macros. You can order regardless of your fitness level; you can be a professional performer or an amateur athlete.

Moreover, Gainz Box does not only curate its boxes for weight-lifting sports, such as fitness, bodybuilding, or CrossFit. In addition to them, you can do various activities like cardiovascular sports, such as kickbox, swimming, athleticism, and still, enjoy the benefits of Gainz Box.

We believe that using fitness gears is not only for those who are workout monsters. Having these useful kinds of stuff may make your life easier, even though you are living a workout-free life. Well, if you do, shame on you.


Whom Gainz Box is not good for?

Even though you are aware of the benefits of doing regular exercises and nourishing healthy, but continue to be a couch potato, subscribing to Gainz Box is not beneficial for you.

On the other hand, if you want to try those motivation boosting goodies, we can only say “why not?”. Maybe you will find the encouragement for working out inside those boxes.

Gainz Box details and features

The reason why Gainz Box is so popular cannot be explained with only one sentence. In this section, we wanted to inform you about the details and features that make Gainz Box one step further from the other fitness subscription services, in its customers’ preferences.

You can see the boxes of the previous months on the website in a completely transparent way.

Unfortunately, Gainz Box does not provide a refund, return, or exchange option for damaged products. If you have a problem with the box, you received like if it is damaged, you can contact Gainz Box by emailing to

Gainz Box provides you with simply adjustable preferences. With only a few clicks on the website, you will be able to edit your personal details, such as sizings or subscription options.

Maybe the best service Gainz Box has is letting you cancel your subscription within a few minutes without any hassle. You can cancel your subscription by login to your account and click the cancel button in your edit subscription tab. You should bear in mind that if you already have an open order, bear in mind that your cancellation does not include it.

What our readers experienced and said about Gainz Box

We also prepared the common ideas of our readers who experienced the service of Gainz Box in every aspect, such as the shipment, prices, customer satisfaction service, and the quality. Because having the opinions of those who had experienced the service before may help you to decide efficiently.

What do our readers think about the shipment process of Gainz Box?

Our readers indicated that the delivery process was so smooth. Almost each of them received their order before the day they estimated. Also, paying an additional shipping fee was upsetting for them.

What do our readers think about the prices of Gainz Box?

If we talk about our money, we want to know that we spent it for a good reason. We want to know that the product we receive worths our money. And here, at Gainz Box, we saw that the prices were pretty affordable for fitness lovers.

Even though it is a bit more expensive than the average market price, we did not notice any bad comment about it.

What do our readers think about the quality of the products they received?

Our readers, mostly, thought that the products they received high-quality useful products for their fitness journey. Most of the goods inside the box were well-known high-quality brands and high retail value products.

What do our readers think about the customer service of Gainz Box?

Having no refund, return, or exchange policy was a question mark in our readers’ mind, but having direct contact by email in such cases was trustworthy for them.

Gainz Box compared

We believe that a comparison of two great brands is the most reliable way to learn about those companies and therefore, prepared this comparison section.

And we prepared a comparison between Fabletics and Gainz Box in some cases, like prices, quality, shipping, and customer service.

Firstly, we must say that each of them worth their prices. While subscribing to Fabletics costs $49,95, subscribing to Gainz Box cost $29 per box.

Gainz Box can offer subscription only in the United States of America. On the other hand, Fabletics can reach to a broader area, like Australia, and other states.

The comments we received showed that either you pick Fabletics or Gainz Box, you will be satisfied with what you get. If you subscribe to Fabletics, you will only get VIP fitness clothes, such as tights, pants, shorts, etc. On the other hand, if you subscribe to Gainz Box, you will receive a wide assortment of products, such as workout gears, supplements, snacks, etc.

While you may have unsatisfying customer service from Gainz Box, you can get satisfying customer service from Fabletics by providing a refund for damaged goods.


With this Gainz Box review, we tried to maintain information about Gainz Box in every aspect, from delivery to the pricing, and the quality of materials.

Despite being able to send cargos only the United States of America, the quality of shipping is adequate.

Furthermore, sending products at lower prices than retail values is a reason to smile.

Also, filling the boxes with first-class quality products that are curated to cover your needs for a month.

We believe that Gainz Box provides you with all the necessary types of equipment and goodies you ever wanted to have.

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