Do you ever think of buying new sportswear for your workouts? Well, if you do your exercises properly, you do. But even if you are keen to get some new ones of your favorite workout gears and fitness clothes, you may have no time to go, try, and buy at the shopping centers or retailers. Instead, you can purchase your comfortable fitness products online and receive them at your doorstep by a few clicks. With these online services, you can get the workout gears you wished to have at affordable prices.

We know that cheap meat yields dilute soup. But this doesn’t mean you will receive low-quality products based on their price. We indicated that you will get your products cheaper than the ones at retailing stores.

Today, we wrote a review about one of the best services around the world: Fabletics. With this Fabletics review, we will provide you the information you need to decide before purchasing Fabletics and become a member of it.

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is a stylish fitness gear delivery service that dedicated to bring high-quality products with the customers in an affordable way, since October 2013. Fabletics created outfits and clothes for women until 2015. And after June 2015, Fabletics launched its men collection. Nowadays, Fabletics serves for both online shopping, and retailer. You can find more than 25 retailers in 20 different states of the United States, which are California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Philadelphia, Texas, Utah, Washington.

The primary mission of Fabletics is to provide comfortable clothes you can wear everywhere you would like to. Either you work out in your yoga studio, or lift irons as a gym rat, or have an outdoor workout, or even wear stylish outfits without any occasion. As long as it inspires you to live your passion every day, Fabletics considers its work as successful.

With products that are tested and approved by Kate Hudson, who is a successful actress dedicated to inspire and support women to have a healthier and active lifestyle as the co-founder of Fabletics, Fabletics will be the first brick of your wall of a healthy lifestyle.

Today, with more than 1 million VIP members from various countries around the world and respectful recognition in different magazines, like The Chalkboard, Peoplestyle, RachaelRay, and Women’s Health, Fabletics is one of the most prestigious services you could ever find in the market.

What kind of products does Fabletics offer?

Fabletics produce various sportive wearings and accessories, even in plus sizes. Today, you can purchase exclusive workout outfits, sports bras, tops, bottoms, accessories, and plus size fitness products.

What kind of sports bras does Fabletics offer?

While ordering your sports bras, you can pick either high impact, medium impact, or lower impact bras.

What kind of top wears does Fabletics offer?

If you will buy top wear, Fabletics offers you various wearings, such as tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, and vests. On the other hand, Fabletics offers Northgate Tee for men in a wide range of colors.

What kind of bottoms does Fabletics offer?

If you look for bottoms-to wear, you can pick the best offer for you among the options like capris, crops, pants, shorts, leggings, and â…ž. If you do not know which one is the most suitable for your occasion, Fabletics helps you to know which option is your cup of tea with its shopping by the fabric, shopping by the compression, and shopping by the activity options.

While you want to shop by the fabric, Fabletics offers you 6 different options, such as PowerHold, Motion365, New Ultracool, SculptKnit, PureLuxe, and Seamless options.

While you will get the maximum hold for PowerHold, you will get high compression with strong support and breathability for versatility with Motion365.

If you pick New UltraCool, you will have aerodynamic, sleek, and light wearings with a cool touch with med-high compression.
In case you do not like wearing high compression wearings, you can take SculptKnit options that are made for med-compression lovers.

Also, if feeling the entire range of motion is essential for you, you can get mid-light compression with the gentle touch of PureLuxe.

If having light compression is your priority, Seamless offers you maximum comfort with its softness.

On the other hand, if you do not know which one to choose, you can have your shopping regarding your activity. All you need to do is pick what kind of activity you are going to have among yoga, studio exercises, running, training, daily activities; length preferences among full, ⅞, capris, and crops; and high-rise or mid-rise. Even if you cannot decide, you can select “no preference” and Fabletics bring the best options regarding your choices.

You can also pick your bottoms by compressions, such as minimum that has a second-skin fit, medium for hugs and lifts, and maximum that holds you in. After picking your compression preference, you take your length option, and high-rise or mid-rise option. If you are cannot decide properly, you can select “no preference” and let Fabletics bring the best options for you.

Besides the women wearings, Fabletics offers bottoms for men, as well. Today, you can find freeport short, McLoughlin Sweatpant, and travel pant for men at Fabletics.

What kind of accessories does Fabletics offer?

Fabletics wants you to feel the sportive lifestyle anytime in your life. Therefore, it has various accessory option to provide, such as bags, hats and hair accessories, socks and underwears, and workout gears, such as stainless water bottle, yoga mats, and chunky rib convertible gloves, with different color options.

How does Fabletics work?

Fabletics explains the way it works as “so easy.” All you need to is inform them about your personal preferences and personal details, and wait until your delivery arrives.

1- Pick your field, for which you are looking for comfortable clothes for yoga, run, cycle, or gym. If you want to pick an option that includes them all, you can easily mix them up.

2- Pick where you are going to use. Will you wear your fitness goodies during your home workouts, gym, yoga studio, or outdoor workout? If you have different workouts on different days, you can click on “depends on the day.”

3- Pick your favorite color. In this section, Fabletics offers you cool combinations of colors that your future products will be made of.

4- Choose your body type. Fabletics brings 4 different body types that you may have, which are petite, lean, curvy, and athletic. If you think the options do not cover the body type you see in the mirror, you can click on “I’m one of a kind.”

5- Give the personal details, such as your bottom size preference, top size preference, sports bra size preference, its support preference among high, medium and low, your zip code, your birthday, and where you have heard about Fabletics.

And your part is done! The rest of the order is now in Fabletics’ professional hands.

What about the shipping process of Fabletics?

Fabletics wants every fitness lover to explore what they supply to the world, and therefore, they send boxes almost all around the world.

Today, you can order your fitness box from Fabletics if you live in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, or the United Kingdom.

After you purchase your subscription, you will receive your order within 2-7 business days, if you order from the United States of America, Canada, or Australia. Otherwise, it may take up to 30 days.

How much does subscribing to Fabletics cost?

Fabletics VIP membership costs $49,95 per month.

Unless you cancel, Fabletics will receive from your bank account until the 6th of the month. If you buy something or skip the month, this money will be transacted to your VIP membership account so that you can spend whenever and however you want, without any expiry or restriction.

On the other hand, you can purchase different items you would like to buy separately at different prices online or at a retail store.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping fee depends on your location, and when you would like to receive.

There are 2 different shipping options at Fabletics, which are the standard shipping, and the rush shipping.

How much do the standard shipping costs?

The standard shipping has two different variations for charging, which are purchasing less than $49,95, or $49,95 and over in subtotal.

If you purchased less than $49,95 in total, then you will get your box between 4-7 business days in 48 states of the United States for $4,95. Otherwise, your shipping is free of charge.

If you purchased from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and APO, you will be charged $9,00 and you will receive your delivery between 7-10 business days.

If you ordered your box from other continents, you will be charged with $9,95 shipping fee and you will receive your products between 7-10 business days. But, if you are a new VIP member, Fabletics applies courtesy rate on shipping fee and makes it $5,95 for you.

How much does the rush shipping cost?

Unlikely to the standard shipping, rush shipping has a fixed price regardless of how much do the items you purchased cost. When you want to get your delivery faster with rush shipping, you will be charged with $8,95, and you will receive your delivery within 3 business days.

Unfortunately, the rush shipping option is only available for the 48 states of the United States. If you order from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO, or Australia or other continents, you are not able to have the rush shipping.

What will you get inside your monthly Fabletics membership box?

With monthly Fabletics boxes, you will get 2-3 pieces gorgeous and comfortable fitness clothes, and gears. Every month, Fabletics changes the content of the boxes and therefore supplies different products.

For who Fabletics is good for?

Fabletics is tailor-made for those ladies who want to be more comfortable and look sexy as hell during their workouts, regardless of the sport they do or the place they do their exercises.

Also, even though Fabletics is popular with its products made for women, they do great work on men wearings. Therefore, Fabletics might be good for men who would like to have comfortable sportswear.

Besides, even if you do not do workouts, you still can feel the lightness of those high-quality Fabletics fitness wearings.

For who Fabletics is not good for?

As a sportswear company, Fabletics produces comfortable wearings for sportive lifestyle lovers. In this sense, Fabletics may not be good for those who do not wear sportive clothes in their daily life.

Details and Features of Fabletics

Being a loyal subscriber of a delivery service requires more than high-quality products. Moreover, for us, it requires to make customers feel there is more than that and to make them feel they are family. Here are the most important details and features of Fabletics that may make you one of the family.

  • Fabletics provides you 30 days to try out your new fitness gears, and moreover, if you do not like it, Fabletics allows you to return or exchange within a month.
  • You can cancel your subscription. For instance, you can cancel your subscription by calling the customer service at 844-322-5384 24/7, or by doing it online with Live Chat Service between 9AM – 9PM EST.
  • Every month, Fabletics reminds you about your upcoming delivery. Until the 5th of each month, you can purchase your items or just skip the delivery. If you do not skip, or cancel your automatic purchasing, you will be charged $49,95 on the 6th of the month. If you do not purchase anything, this fee will go your VIP account where is no expiry for using that credit.
  • If you want to try something before paying for it, you can visit Fabletics’ retail stores and try the fitness clothes by yourself. Today, Fabletics currently has more than 25 retail services in 20 states, which are California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Philadelphia, Texas, Utah, Washington. If you live in any of these states, you can check the closest Fabletics retailer to you on Fabletics’ website.
  • Fabletics tries to keep its customers satisfied. That’s why, as a customer, you can find customer support 24/7 in Fabletics. Currently, there are 650 customer service agents work at Fabletics to solve any of your problems.
  • Fabletics has more than a million VIP members all around the world. According to that, Fabletics has adequate experience with customer relations, with the delivery process, and of course with the products.
  • Offering plus-size wearings for those who are overweight and want to wear comfortable sportswear.
  • After your order is processed, Fabletics sends you a tracking code in order to provide a transparent process. With that code, you are able to see where is your delivery, and the time estimation.

As far as we observed from the Fabletics reviews online and the users’ comments, these are the facts that make it has more than a million customers stay more loyal to the service.

What do our readers think about Fabletics?

We believe that providing the opinions of the customers may bring unique information about the service or product you buy online. That’s why we rake together what our readers experienced with Fabletics and what do they think about Fabletics on different aspects of the service quality of Fabletics, such as price, delivery, customer service, and the quality of the products. And in the end, we asked them whether they recommend Fabletics to others who look for new workout outfits or not.

What do our readers think about the prices of Fabletics?

Most of our readers stated that at the first time they saw Fabletics, they didn’t feel sympathy for it. But when they gave it a shot, they realized that they received one of the best products and services around the United States of America. Moreover, some said that when they saw Kate Hudson as the company face, they felt Fabletics is trustworthy.

What do our readers think about the delivery policy and the process itself?

When they saw international shipment from the United States of America, they thought finally they were going to receive the quality they had always wanted. Also, the most satisfying part of the delivery process was, of course, the duration of it. Regardless of which country our readers purchased their products, receiving their stylish Fabletics gears within 2-7 business days in a convenient way made Fabletics more reliable than others.

What do our readers think about the product quality of Fabletics?

This is the key point. When we buy something, we want to receive a satisfying outcome. Fabletics, in this sense, was successful 100% according to our readers. With a wide range of assortment of products without compromising from the quality makes Fabletics irreplaceable. Also, they said that having those accessories and gears with such prices is more than they expected.

What do our readers think about the customer service quality of Fabletics?

Well, even though most of our readers said that customer service of Fabletics was there for help whenever they needed, a minority from our readers said what they experienced with Fabletics customer service as “successful, but tough”, especially in exchanges.

On the other hand, being able to skip a month without any extra fee was obviously made our readers loyal to Fabletics.

What do our readers think about Fabletics overall?

While we were evaluating our readers’ experiences to find what they think about Fabletics overall, we saw 3 different words rapidly, which are value, high-quality, and comfortable.

Also, we looked for what our readers experienced with Fabletics’ website. They think the website was easy to use and fast. Especially the ordering process, renewing the membership, and cancellation was what makes them comfortable from the first minute they subscribe to Fabletics.

Moreover, they think that having a Fabletics quiz when they are not sure about what kind of wears are the proper ones for them is makes the process fun.

The problem our readers mostly mentioned is their favorites from the new outfits mainly were sold out. In fact, this is another sign of the demand to Fabletics, isn’t it?

Would our readers recommend Fabletics to others?

Yes, yes, and yes! If you have time to wait for the delivery of high-quality fitness clothes to have, it is an absolute yes. If you prefer to visit the nearest Fabletics retail shops in your state and buy your clothes without waiting for the delivery.


Fabletics Compared

So, you learned a lot of information about Fabletics. Now you know how it works, what does it offer, and what the customers experience with Fabletics. But what about the rest of the market? Where does Fabletics belong in the rank of its market? Well, your answer is down there.

In this section, we prepared a comparison part in order to provide you with proper information about what you are supposed to expect.

We compared Fabletics with YogaClub, which is another pioneer of the market in different aspects, like pricing, delivery, the product quality, what they offer, and customer service.

Fabletics vs. YogaClub in pricing

First thing first: money. We all want to receive products that worth the money we pay. In this sense, we can say that both of the brands provide products worth more than you pay.

The difference is, while you can get your box for $79,00 from YogaClub, you can receive your products for $49,95 from Fabletics.

In this case, we can say that Fabletics is more likely to be budget-friendly.

What do YogaClub and Fabletics offer?

Both subscription services are made for those who like to have catchy wearings during their workouts and daily life. While you can get athletic women wears like sports bras, soft tank tops, stretchy leggings from both brands, you may find something interesting for men as well, at Fabletics.

The name of YogaClub may fool the customers in the first place, but YogaClub not only curates boxes for yoga but also it delivers products suitable for fitness and various activities.

Fabletics vs. YogaClub in delivery

Both Fabletics and YogaClub has international delivery options. If you are currently living in Europe, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, you can purchase items from YogaClub and Fabletics.

YogaClub offers you to ship your delivery between 48-72 hours after your order. On the other hand, Fabletics processes your order within 48 hours after your order.

The average shipping duration of YogaClub takes 4 to 8 days. If you order from Fabletics, it may take 2 to 7 business days within contiguous United States, Canada, and Australia. If you order from Europe or the United Kingdom, you may receive your box within a month.

Fabletics vs. YogaClub in product quality

So far they both have gone so close, but we think this part is the separating one. Because the main difference between the products of YogaClub and Fabletics is the production. While you can find various high-quality brands with YogaClub, such as Vie Active, Teeki, Splendid, Manduka, Skechers, Onzi, Columbia, and more and more, Fabletics offers you its own production. As far as we see, both of the brands have one attitude on their products: quality first.

But which one is better? Well, we think each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your occasion of purchasing.

If you seek for sustainable brand value, subscribing to Fabletics VIP membership program is better for you. Because you will be in contact with the brand, in person.

On the other hand, receiving premium-quality products from high-value brands is what YogaClub offers. With this service, you can try different gears and clothing from some of the biggest brands of the market.

Fabletics vs. YogaClub in customer services

So everything went well and you received your products but they are damaged or you didn’t like them. Or you have to ask something to be sure about your process. Well, in this case, responsible customer service is mandatory. And as we saw, it works quite efficient at both of the brands.

For instance, if you are not satisfied with the products you received and want to return or exchange them. In this case, both of them have their own policy to imply, and we think they both are helpful.

When you want to change the item you received from YogaClub and want to exchange it. You can visit “Customer Love Center” on the website and they will offer some options for you, which are trading your item with a YogaClub member in person via YogaClub’s Facebook community that works all around the United States, and exchange it with YogaClub itself via “Exchange Store”. In this part, you give the details of the product you want to get rid of and pick the item you want.

On the other hand, if you want to exchange or return the damaged item you received from Fabletics, you can send it back within 45 days after the shipping date, as long as you are sending it from the United States of America, or Canada. Here, Fabletics offer 3 different refund and return policy for 2 different groups, which are the United States of America and Canada, and Australia.

If you are in the United States of America or Canada, you may either return the products for store credit; exchange it to another outfit; or return for a refund. If you send it from non-contiguous territories of the United States, like Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and APO/FPO addresses, it costs $9,00.

If you try to return or exchange your products from Australia, you can only return them for store credits or demand a refund. For now, exchanges are not available from Australia.

Besides, both YogaClub and Fabletics are helpful for beginners. They both provide a welcome quiz for those who do not know which outfit is the best for them.

Also, with more than 25 retail stores around the 20 states of the United States makes Fabletics more recognized among the locals.

Moreover, if you subscribe to YogaClub, you will also be contributed to charity by it. With the “one box one” program, YogaClub provides a child what he or she may need for meditation and yoga class with every box you buy.


With this Fabletics review, we tried to provide you detailed information about the activewear subscription service of Fabletics in several aspects, such as how Fabletics works, Fabletics VIP membership, Fabletics prices, and more.

We think that having more than 1 million VIP members around the globe is the reflection of the brand value of Fabletics. And we think Fabletics worths your time and money.

Providing different variations of wearings for various purposes, like for training, for lifestyle, or for the studio, is also another great value Fabletics offers.

If you ever considered to have a fitness wear subscription, we believe that Fabletics deserves a shot.