Bombay & Cedar

Wellness and beauty are some things essential to our lives. We want to feel fresh, soft, and beautiful in every second of our day. Today, we can have all of them with some products but as we all know, those products are mostly tested on innocent animals or made with additional industrial chemicals.

Isn’t there a way to have wellness and beauty in an environmental-loving way? Of course, there is!

Today, there are several brands that provide essential goods with high-quality materials online without any harm to natural life. And in this article, we will introduce you one of the best of them: Bombay and Cedar!

What is Bombay and Cedar?

Bombay and Cedar is a subscription box service that aims to provide a luxurious lifestyle with full-sized products, such as beauty, wellness, aromatherapy products. Even though Bombay and Cedar is popular with its subscription boxes, it is possible to order from Bombay and Cedar for once.

Bombay and Cedar want to reach its customers by maintaining an exciting unboxing experience that offers to discover, change, and desire to get more with premium quality curated products.

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How do Bombay and Cedar work?

The way Bombay and Cedar works is quite useful and easy for its subscribers. If you order your box by the 12th of the month, Bombay and Cedar send your box between 15th and 20th of the month. Bombay and Cedar also renew the subscription by itself regarding your frequency choice.

What about the shipment?

The aim of Bombay and Cedar is to supply this healthy and luxurious lifestyle worldwide. That’s why they ship boxes all around the world, regardless of where you are.

Is shipping free of charge?

Unfortunately, quality costs some, therefore you should pay for the shipping. There are 3 different fixed prices for the shipment either you subscribe or purchase for once, which are for United States, Canada, and worldwide.

If you subscribe to The MINI Box and live in the United States, you must pay $5,95 per box. On the other hand, it is $12,95 per box to receive these life boxes in Canada. Except for the United States and Canada, shipping costs $17,95 per box worldwide.

When you order The PREMIUM Box from the United States, it cost $6,95. If you live in Canada, it is $16,95 per box. And for the rest of the world, shipping costs $23,95.

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What are Bombay and Cedar Subscription boxes?

Bombay and Cedar subscription boxes are regular high-quality products maintaining service that provides happiness within only a box. There are 2 different types of box options that Bombay and Cedar provide, The MINI Box, and The PREMIUM Box.

The MINI Box is curated for those who want to discover the quality of Bombay and Cedar in a budget-friendly way. When you received The MINI Box, you will receive

  • Vegan, cruelty-free and organic products
  • Skincare, snacks, books, home goods, activities, diffusers and more
  • 5 to 7 Full and deluxe size products
  • Products which has a retail value of over $60 every month
  • New essential oils
  • Tips and recipes and aromatherapy discovery
  • Unique theme to add value into your lifestyle

The differences between The MINI Box and The PREMIUM Box are mainly the number of items in the box and the price. With The PREMIUM Box, you will get

  • Mostly organic, cruelty-free and vegan products
  • 8 to 10 full and deluxe size products
  • Snacks, skincare, home goods, books, diffusers, activities and more
  • Products that have a retail value over $100 every month
  • Specially designed theme to add value into your lifestyle
  • Aromatherapy discovery with tips and recipes
  • New essential oils

Besides from the subscription boxes, you can order other Bombay and Cedar boxes, which are The Special Edition Box, or Men’s Limited Edition Box.

When you receive The Special Edition Box, you will find

  • Bombay & Cedar Muscle Relief Essential Oil Roll-On
  • Firming facial polish by BYBI
  • Detox tea by Essential Rose Life
  • Green tea & peppermint bath soak by LM Organics
  • Here & Now notebook by Compendium
  • Chalkboard teapot infuser by pinky up

If you order Men’s Limited Edition Box, you will receive

  • Kelvin.17 by Kelvin Tools
  • The Legend of Me. An epic DIY autobiography by Alexis Lampley
  • Hot and cold pour-over brew bottle by Full Circle
  • Inspire essential oil diffuser by AiromĂ©
  • Weekender compact toiletry bag by Grand Trunk
  • And six more gifts!

Today, you can find 4 subscription offers from Bombay and Cedar, which are monthly, 3 monthly (the most popular one), 6 monthly, and 12 monthly subscription options.

How much do Bombay and Cedar subscription boxes cost?

Pricing depends on two things: Which type of box you picked and how often.

The PREMIUM Box option has 4 different prices

  • If you subscribe monthly, it costs $49,95 + shipping per month,
  • Subscribing 3 monthly costs $48,95 per month + shipping,
  • When you subscribe to Bombay and Cedar 6 monthly, it is $47,95 per month + shipping,
  • If you picked 12 months subscription option, it is $46,95 per month + shipping. While subscribing to The MINI Box, there are 4 different prices:
  • Subscribing to The MINI Box on a monthly basis costs $29,95 + shipping per month
  • If you subscribe to The MINI Box 3 monthly, it is $29,45 per month + shipping
  • Subscribing 6 monthly costs $28,95 per month + shipping,
  • If you decided to subscribe 12 monthly, it costs $28,45 per month + shipping.

If you want to order Men’s Limited Edition Box, it costs $99,00 + shipping. Or if you want to have The Special Edition Box, you have to pay $39,95 + shipping.

Details and features of Bombay and Cedar

We think there are some details and features make Bombay and Cedar irreplaceable for its customers, which are:

  • A well-designed website that includes everything necessary
  • Offering various options
  • Being cruelty-free and nature-friendly
  • Allow the customers to learn more about the products and what to expect by seeing the recent boxes
  • Having fixed prices and a standard timing for the delivery
  • Not compromising the quality while taking care of the quantity
  • Delivering new tastes in accordance with the monthly theme
  • Being able to cancel anytime without a hassle.

What do our readers think about Bombay and Cedar?

We believe that providing the information is kind of helpful. But providing customer reviews is definitely useful! That’s why, in this section, we tried to rake together the Bombay and Cedar reviews of our readers. We will introduce you to their experiences and opinions with Bombay and Cedar in different aspects, such as the price, the delivery, and the quality.

Even though the prices were higher than the average, our readers were aware of the fact that the quality of Bombay and Cedar worths it. On the other hand, they think the shipping prices can be less regardless of the delivery quality.

The quality of Bombay and Cedar is totally satisfying for our readers. From the contents of the boxes to the website, our readers think that nothing can be better in Bombay and Cedar.

Bombay and Cedar compared

Comparisons are the best way to know where does the product stand in the market. Therefore, we prepared a comparison of Bombay and Cedar with one of the most popular vegan brands, Petit Vour in different aspects, such as price and quality.

First of all, Petit Vour is much cheaper (almost half of Bombay and Cedar) than Bombay and Cedar.

Secondly, both of them ship products all around the world.

And lastly, and most importantly, for the quality and having a wide range of options, Bombay and Cedar is far above from Petit Vour.


As claimed, Bombay and Cedar is one of the most satisfying brands in the market with everything it serves. We believe that Bombay and Cedar boxes will excite you more than your Christmas gifts healthfully.