Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

We are here to show you that there is another way to eat healthier whether you do not have time to cook or want to eat delicious snacks: the healthy subscription boxes!

The subscription service providers elaborate the healthy boxes for you to consume healthy foods and keep your fit. They promote a healthier lifestyle and joyful taste.

While eating delicious snacks, you do not need to worry about your shape anymore! Sounds charming, right?

Then let’s check our top picks for best healthy snack boxes down below.

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1- Urthbox

Urthbox is a company that delivers healthy, gluten-free, GMO-free, or vegan snacks.

The reason why Urthbox makes a difference in the market is that it allows the customers to make the payment based on the organic products they would like to buy.

You can expect to find at least six healthy snacks + beverages.

Ships to: the US and Canada

Shipment details: All the shipments are made until the middle of the following month.

Price: Starting from $19,99/month

Besides high-quality non-GMO and gluten-free snacks of Urthbox, you will be provided with one of the most fulfilling products you can find. Read more UrthBox reviews.

2- HelloFresh

HelloFresh is America’s most popular meal kit brand.

They offer to bring pre-measured ingredients and delicious recipes so that the only thing you need to do Is following the steps and having a healthy, delicious meal.

Moreover, they also offer you to bring exclusive wines straight to your doorstep.

HelloFresh has three healthy meal box subscription plans: Classic plan, family plan, and veggie plan.

Hello Fresh meals mainly consist of meticulously balanced mixtures of three macronutrients, which are protein, carb, and fat.

Subscription types: Weekly

Ships to: Continentally US(except Hawaii and Alaska), most of the central and western Europe, and continentally Australia

The average duration of shipment: A week (delivery will be done from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Price: From $6.99/serving

Briefly, HelloFresh will be irreplaceable for you from the first day! With its personally adjustable delivery details, you will not need to be worried about the shipment.

Furthermore, with those exclusive recipes, you will feel like a master chef!

3- Vegan Cuts Subscriptions

Vegan Cuts is a vegan monthly subscription box that offers healthy products that are never tested on animals or made of animal-based products.

If you are eager to use gluten free, dairy free and healthful goods, Vegan Cuts is your place.
You can order a healthy snack box, beauty box, or make-up box via just one click.

What you will find in the Vegan Cuts Boxes?

  • In the snack box, you can find 10 or more vegan goods, such as chips, cookies, sodas, and teas.
  • In the beauty box, you will receive 4 to 7 new beauty products, such as different cosmetics and proper skincare.
  • In the make-up box, you can see seasonal full-size vegan and all-natural makeup products.

Subscription type(s): 1/6/12 months

Ships to: Worldwide

The average duration of the shipment: 7-10 business days

Price: Starting from $22,95/month

Having a nature-friendly lifestyle is something estimable. By only one click you can proceed with your living standards and eco-friendly attitude with exclusive vegan goods.

4- Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise offers to bring a great diversity of healthy and delicious full-size snack boxes that made of all-natural ingredients straight to your door every month!

Healthy Surprise renews its boxes once a month to provide a broader range of products.

What’s inside the Healthy Surprise box?

• healthy bars
• drinks
• sweets
• fruits
• kale
• veggies
• chips, exotics, and nuts
• seasonal chocolates.

Also, you can find additional protein bars in Paleo Box.

Subscription types: 1 month, 3/6/12 months

Shipment range: Worldwide

The average duration of shipment: 3 days for all around the US / more than three days for all around the world

Price: $42,49

If you have a problem with the monthly healthy snack boxes of Healthy Surprise, they guarantee you to recover the problem and refund your money.

5- SnackSack

SnackSack is a company that provides monthly snack boxes delivery straight to your address.

Either you pick Classic, Vegan, or Gluten-Free snacking plan, you will not worry about your snacks again.

What will you find in the SnackSack box?
Twelve unique, junk-free healthy snacks.

Subscription type(s): 1-3-6-12 monthly (renews itself until you cancel)

Ships to: All around the US

Price: Starting from $21,50

With satisfying taste and a wide range of products of SnackSack, you are going to be addicted to it.

6- Fit Snack

If you are a person who wants has fitness goals to reach, Fit Snack is here to be your next gym buddy. With Fit Snack you will not only have healthy snacks, but also you will enjoy the delicious taste of various snacks.

What you will find in the Fit Snack box? The content of Fit Snack box is carefully selected by professional nutritionists to provide:

• healthy chips
• nutritious drinks
• snack bars
• hormone free, low sugar, lean protein jerky
• granola bars
• exclusive workouts

Subscription type(s): 1/3/6/12 months

Ships to: the US, Europe, Canada, Australia

Shipment details: Within 2-7 days of transit in the US, up to 3 weeks for worldwide shipments

Price: $27,90/month

Since the first day, Fit Snack is a great choice to experience healthy new fitness snacks, drinks, and workout plans for your office, on-the-go every month.

On the other hand, if you are an employer who wants his/her employees to be more productive and happier, Fit Snack also offers you an office box. You can check by one click.

7- Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Are you one of those people who cannot live without tea? Well, then Simple Loose Leaf Tea will be your best friend forever!

They offer to deliver four different tea boxes right to your doorstep.

What you will find in the Simple Loose Leaf Tea box: 4 hand-selected loose leaf teas (4/5 cups per tea)

Subscription types: 1/3/6/12 Month

Shipment range: Worldwide

Price: $9,00 + shipping

With the monthly renewed 4 different tea boxes you will be able to discover new, joyful tastes every month.

8- Freshly

Freshly delivers all-natural meals cooked by professional chefs right to your address. All you need is to heat them for three minutes.

You can expect all-natural healthy dishes that contain no gluten, no refined sugar, high protein.

Subscription type(s): 4/6/9/12 meals per week.

Ships to: All around the continental US

The average duration of the shipment: The delivery will be delivered within three days.

Price: Starting from $49,99 per week.

With weekly renewed and more than 30 meal menus, you will not want to cancel your Freshly subscription

9- Plated

If you are the person, who enjoys cooking but hates shopping Plated is here to save you from wasting your time at the grocery stores. Instead, they bring the ingredients and enjoying-to prepare recipes right to you.

What you will find in the Plated box: All healthy, delicious and fresh ingredients and seasonal recipes.

Subscription type(s): Weekly

Ships to: the US (Trackable)

Price: $9,95/serving + shipping

With its customer-friendly system, Plated is one of the most popular brands out there. You can pick your recipes without limitations, skip the delivery time or even cancel your subscription easily, or change your delivery day for any week without trouble.

10- Graze

Are you a fan of foods without additives? Then Graze is the one that you must know.

With Graze, you will get monthly healthy snack boxes that contain entirely no artificial ingredients; not even added sugar.

Graze has many options of boxes for you. Mostly, Graze offers three renewable boxes, which are Variety, Light, and Protein boxes.

  • Variety Box: For those who like to discover different flavors Variety Box is the best option with its assortments, amongst others.
  • LightBox: If you care about your diet and consider to consume fewer calories, with LightBox you will not only taste deliciously healthy snacks but also stay in shape!.
  • Protein Box: Protein Box is the greatest for you if you prefer to consume high protein foods and feed their muscles.

Subscription type(s): Monthly (one delivery per every two weeks)

Ships to: the US, and the UK (except for the Republic of Ireland)

The average duration of the shipment: 3-10 days after the order confirmation for standard
shipment (not available for Alaska and Hawaii)/ within two days after the order confirmation.

Price: $4,99/box + shipping

If you do care about your health, you will not need to think about what you are going to eat for snacks.

Thanks to Graze, you will experience satisfying flavors and health benefits at affordable prices!

11- Jerky Snob

Jerky Snob is the greatest solution for smoked meat lovers.

They deliver the jerky you love with its unique taste. Whether if you want to give it a shot or give as a gift, Jerky Snob will be the right decision.

What you will find in the Jerky Snob boxes: 

Jerky Snob offers three different healthy snack boxes, which are 4 ounces, 8 ounces, and 16 ounces. Distinctly from 4 ounces box, 8 ounces and 16 ounces boxes contain a card that has informative details of the jerky companies and the preparation process of each batch.

Subscription types: 1-3-6-12 months.

Shipment range: Everywhere, except for Europe and Japan

The average duration of shipment: Shipments go out on the 22nd-24th of every month. If you order between 1st and 7th of the month, your order will be shipped by the Jerky Snob on Tuesday or Thursday, and your next box will be sent on 22nd. If you order after 8th of the month, your order will be shipped within three days.

Price: $15,00 + shipping

Whether if you look for a healthy snack to eat while working at the office or want to try something ¬delicious, Jerky Snob is precisely your kind of cup of tea. You can check the options of sizes; which are two bag, four bags, and eight bags; and purchase the one you liked.

12- LOLJerky

LOLJerky maintains you delicious crafted beef jerky. With its elaborately crafted beef jerky, LOLJerky is suitable for your Paleo, Ketogenic, or low-carb diet.

What you will find in the LOLJerky box: Carefully processed and conserved beef jerky
Subscription type(s): 1/3/6/12 months

Ships to: All around the US

The average duration of the shipment: Orders will be shipped within 48 hours after payment.

Price: Starting from $9,41

Containing less than 5g sugar per serving, LOLJerky will be a nice alternative to suppress your sweet craving.

13-What’s In Your Box?

What’s In Your Box is a company that aims to provide women to explore more about sex and sexual life entertainingly.

What you will find in the What’s In Your Box packages: 
• sex toys
• sexual health products
• hygiene products
• empowering products

Ships to: Canada and US

Shipping time: The first week of every month

Price: Starting from $21,00/month

If you are looking for a healthy sexual life and take care of your body consciously, What’s In
Your Box is a must for you.

14- Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the best in its field that promotes a healthier way of eating and enjoyable cooking process to its customers.

Blue Apron offers you a weekly healthy meal box. Their aim is simple: fresh ingredients, original recipes, delivered to you.

What’s inside the Blue Apron box?
• easy-to-follow chef-designed recipes
• fresh, high-quality ingredients, which are perfectly-portioned
• recyclable ice packs and packaging

Subscription types: Weekly

Shipment range: All around the US

The average duration of shipment: 9 days

Price: From $7,49/serving

With Blue Apron healthy meal kits, you will feel like a professional cook. Just chose your meal and make the order, unpack your box and create magic in your kitchen!

15- Home Chef

Home Chef is one of the most satisfying meal kits delivering companies all around the world. With Home Chef you will effortlessly prepare healthy meals.

What’s inside the Home Chef boxes?
• Easy-to-follow recipe cards
• All-natural pre-portioned ingredients

Shipment range: All around the US

Shipment details: Deliveries sent between Tuesday and Friday. You can also inform them about the most convenient day for you.

How much does Home Chef cost: Starting from $7,99 per serving + shipping

With Home Chef, you will both eat a delicious meal and enjoy the freedom of menus that customized by yourself.

16- Hint

Hint brings all-natural fruit infused water straight to your door ordinarily.

In every Hint delivery you will monthly receive:
• Completely healthy
• All-natural
• No preservative included
• No sweetener included
• Non-calorie waters.

Subscription type(s): once in 2 weeks, a month, or 2 months

Ships to:  the US

The average duration of the shipment: 3 to 6 business days

Price: Starting from $16,00 (shipping is free after 3 cases)

With non-calorie but joyful waters, Hint will be irreplaceable for your diet.

17- The Nourish Snacks

Nourish Snacks supplies you incredibly delicious snacks carefully prepared by expert nutritionists.

What you will find in the Nourish Snacks box: In the Nourish Snacks box, you will receive a box of healthful snacks.

Ships to: All around US

Price:: $36 per box

With your weekly selection of the Nourish Snacks, you will no longer need to suppress your hunger during the snack times.

18- Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise supplies its customers a variety of handmade yoga accessories and natural beauty products to provide them a peaceful life.

What you will find in the Yogi Surprise box? 

• Herbal Tonics
• Organic snacks
• Superfood essentials
• Natural skincare and body care products
• Candles
• Books
• Accessories

Subscription type(s): monthly

Shipment range: Worldwide

Details about the shipment: All shipments made between 4th and 13th of the next month.
Usually, all orders are delivered within five business days.

How much does Yogi Surprise subscription cost?
$44,95 per month + shipping (shipping to Canada costs $15, and shipping worldwide costs $25)

With all useful components, Yogi Surprise will enhance your well-being.

19- FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a customer encouraging company that provides its customers with a wide range of products once in three months.

What you are going to find in FabFitFun Box: FabFitFun supplies you
• Workout gears
• Beauty Goods
• Seasonal items
• accessories

Subscription type(s): 3 monthly

Ships to: the US and Canada

The average duration of the shipment: Delivery in the US takes 7 to 10 business days after the dispatch.
Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico takes 9 to 14 days or 2-3 weeks after the shipment.

How much does FabFitFun box cost: Starting from $49,99 (student discount is available)

With FabFitFun you only need to order, customize, get and explore your products.

20- Runner Crate

Runner Crate brings running challenges, gears, and healthy snacks right to your doorstep.

Shipment range: the US and Kuwait

How much does Runner Crate box cost: $5,00 per month

With its competitive attitude, Runner Crate will be your next challenge!

21- Stick in a Box

Stick in a Box offers you to deliver unique gourmet beef jerky to your kitchen by monthly subscription option.

Shipment range: Worldwide

How much does Runner Crate box cost: Starting from $13,33 per month

With Stick in a Box, you will not worry about eating healthier options at your office.

22- Fabletics

Fabletics aims to supply distinguished outfits to its customers each month. Whether if you are keen to do yoga, running, or weightlifting, Fabletics can bring a suitable outfit right to your door.

Shipps to the contiguous US

How much does Fabletics box cost: $49,95 per month (shipping prices are $9,00 to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and APO, $5,95 VIP to Australia, $9,95 standard shipment)

With Fabletics you can finish your workouts efficiently and still look fabulous!

23- Barbella Box

Barbella Box is a monthly premium fitness package that includes all you need. It is is for women who accept fitness as their lifestyle.

Shipment range: Worldwide except for Mexico and Colombia

How much does Barbell Box cost: $45,00 per box

With Barbella Box, the only thing you will need to do is get your workout done!


Today one of our most common problems is having no time for cooking due to our daily life.

Most of us work from early in the mornings until the evenings. Therefore, why we neither have the time nor will to cook. In that case, we face the problem of eating unhealthy foods, such as fast foods and being undernourished.