Best Food Subscription Boxes

Nowadays due to our bustling city life, we spend less and less time at home than before. We are mostly in a circle of waking up early, going to work or school, spend time outside, social events, and then coming home. Therefore, we all are facing the problem of having no time for cooking at home. Today we are here to tell you that there are companies that deliver food boxes right to your door. With their products, you will neither waste your time with groceries nor eat unbalanced.

1. HelloFresh

HelloFresh delivers easy-to-follow recipes and pre-measured ingredients straight through your doorstep.

As America’s most popular meal kit brand among all the other healthy food box subscription brands. Also, HelloFresh believes that eating healthy is essential for all of us.

With a customer-friendly attitude and valuable nutrition, HelloFresh is one of the best healthy subscription box that you can find today.

What sort of subscription plans and meals can you get in HelloFresh? 

  • Classic Plan: 3 meal ingredients and recipes per week for either 2 or 4 people, or 4 meals per week for 2 people
  • Family Plan: 2 or 3 meal ingredients and recipes per week for 4 people that will make your family dinner more delightful than ever
  • Veggie Plan: 3 meal recipe and ingredients per week for either 2 or 4 people that are entirely developed for vegetarians

You can also adjust all the plans regarding your preferences, such as ingredients, the number of people, etc.

Subscription options: Weekly
Ships to: the U.S, Canada, Europe, and the U.K., and continentally Australia
Duration of the shipment: A week
Price: Meals start from $6,99 per serving

HelloFresh will bring healthy and delicious food to your door that you will never have to worry about grocery shopping.

2. ButcherBox

ButcherBox saves your time from going to butcher. Instead, as the best meat delivery box company, ButcherBox aims to bring convenient, high-quality meat directly to your address.

What might you expect to find in the ButcherBox?

You will receive perfectly packed and portioned %100 grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, or free range chicken.

Either you can customize your box or pick:

  • mixed box,
  • beef and pork
  • beef and chicken
  • all beef.

ButcherBox assures you all the products inside the box will be delivered under ultimately healthy conditions.

Subscription options: 1 month (24 meals) or 2 months (48 meals)
Ships to: All around US, except for Alaska and Hawaii. (free of charge and trackable)
Price: $4,96 per meal for 2 month subscription, $5,38 per monthly

With all of the premium services of ButcherBox, the service is among the best gourmet food subscription box for meat lovers.

3. Farm to People

Do you remember the feeling of the freshness when you entered a local farm or tasted deliciously natural vegetable for the first time?

Farm to People wants to bring that freshness from small-batch producers and farms through your doorstep.

For Farm to People, it is your essential right to know what you eat, how it’s prepared, and by whom it is provided. Therefore, they offer you a perfectly transparent tracing option.

What’s inside the Farm to People box?

Farm to People has four different subscription boxes, such as omnivore, vegetarian, paleo, and vegan.

  • Weekly recipes that include sourcing guides and tips.
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits that are farm fresh, non-GMO, and no artificial chemicals added.
    Also, you can buy other goods from Farm to People, such as sweets, jams, snacks, nut butter and syrups, condiments, drinks, pickles, meats and cheeses, sauces; cooking products, such as natural salt, oil, vinegar, etc.; baking ingredients, and lifestyle products.

Subscription options: 1/3/6/12 months
Ships to: Worldwide (traceable)
Price: $59,90 per week

Farm to People is one of the best organic meal kit delivery service that you can find in our list. After your first bite, you will remember the fact that you are a part of the mother nature.

4. Blue Apron

In order to be a good cook, you do not need to be a magician. With tasty recipes, fresh ingredients, and just a little time you can consider yourself a magician!
At this moment, Blue Apron promotes you to dominate your own kitchen!

What will you find inside the Blue Apron box?

  • Easy-to-follow recipes that are prepared by professional chefs
  • Perfectly proportioned fresh ingredients with high nutritive values
  • Recyclable ice packs and packaging

Unfortunately, Blue Apron does not maintain you a wand to complete your dish.

You must deal with it as ordinary people do.

Subscription option: Weekly
Ships to: All around the United States
Duration of the shipment: Within 9 days
Price: Starts from $7,49 per serving

Refund option: Refunds will be sent within 10 days after Blue Apron receive the items.

What Blue Apron offers you is not only obtaining cooking skills but also obtaining a healthy self-made lifestyle.

5. Veestro

Veestro is run by brother and sister, Mark and Monica, that provides a la carte vegan foods to its customers.

They believe that as a customer who has no time you deserve flavourful, healthy, easy, fast and also nourishing dishes and beverages.

They also believe that eating food in modern life doesn’t mean eating junk. Therefore, they are here to deliver the best organic food subscription box through your doorstep.

Veestro has three different box offers which are 10 meals box, 20 meals box, and 30 meals box. You can pick the dishes or juices you want. Veestro does not oblige you to order particular products.

What will you receive in the Veestro box?

  • information cards
  • Dry-ice packs
  • Healthy meals that you can prepare within minutes

Veestro recommends you to put the meals in the freezer after removing the box.

If you are going to consume the meals within 3 days, you can put the meals in the fridge. Otherwise, you should put the meal into your freezer.

Subscription options: weekly or biweekly
Ships to: the United States
Duration of the shipment: Within 3 days
Price: Starting from $9,90 per meal – Check offer

After your first delivery, Veestro will make you smile whenever you receive it.

Read more about our Veestro review.

6. Freshly

Don’t you have time for groceries? Or are you unsatisfied with the goods at your local supermarkets? Maybe preparing a meal is a waste of time for you. All of them are entirely understandable. That’s why Freshly is for!

Freshly is a full meal kit delivery service that ships completely natural and professionally cooked meals straight to your doorstep. Within 30 minutes you can heat them up and serve away!

In the Freshly box you will find dishes that are completely:

  • Natural and healthy
  • Contains High protein
  • No refined sugar added
  • Gluten-free

What you will receive is more than a meal kit; it is your saved-time and health.

Subscription options: 4/6/9/12 meals per week
Ships to: the United States
Shipping details: You will receive your box within three days
Price: Starts from $49,99 per week
Refund option: Yes

With weekly updated menus you will never get bored of your Freshly subscription.

7. Martha and Marley Spoon

Martha and Marley Spoon is a weekly food subscription delivery company that brings you weekly 10 different recipes with ingredients to choose for every week.

Martha and Marley Spoon has options including customer favorites, healthy eats, kid-friendly menus.

What will you find inside the Martha and Marley Spoon boxes?

fresh, pre-measured seasonal ingredients in completely compostable, biodegradable and recyclable bags
well-designed recipe cards that show how to cook correctly with 6 easy steps
Ice packs and insulated liners that keep deliveries cold and fresh

You can store the ingredients in your fridge up to 4 days, except for fish. You must consume fishes within two days after the delivery.

Subscription options: Weekly
Ships to: the United States
Shipping details: You will receive your box on the coming Tuesday after your first order.
Price: 2 people boxes start from $33 / 4 people boxes start from $61

With more than 18,000 recipes, Martha and Marley Spoon is going to be your friend in your kitchen!

8. Dinnerly

Dinnerly is cut out for you if you are busy, do not like to overpay for the products, and consider cooking as a therapy session.

Dinnerly will deal with the trouble and bring the fresh ingredients and recipes within affordable prices. Dinnerly has 2 different box offers, which are two person box, and family box.

What will you find inside the Dinnerly Box?

In the two-person box you will receive:

  • 3 recipes that have 2 portions per each
  • Recyclable boxes and ice packs
  • Six fresh ingredients per dish

In the family box you will receive:

  • 3 recipes that have 4 portions per each
  • Recyclable boxes and ice packs
  • Six fresh ingredients per dish

Subscription options: Weekly

Ships to: the United States

Delivery date: Dinnerly delivers the boxes on Tuesdays.

Price: $4,99 per serving

Refund: Yes

With six ingredients per dish, Dinnerly recipes make you do less chopping, have less trouble, and more flavor.

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9. US | Authentic Italian Experience

US | Authentic Italian Experience is a Sicilia based company that brings monthly Italian food kit straight to your kitchen. You will be a charismatic Italian chef within 15 minutes!

With US | Authentic Italian Experience you will have everything you need in order to have a satisfying Italian Dinner, such as an antipasto, a sweet treat, and of course a proper recipe.

Their aim is simple: bring together delicious Italian foods and people who want to experience the process of cooking Italian food.

Each US | Authentic Italian Experience Box has 4 people meal kit.

What will you find US | Authentic Italian Experience Box?

  • Organic, PDO certified, Italian made ingredients, such as pasta and a matched sauce
  • Additional antipasto, chocolate and much more!

Subscription options: 1/3/6/12 months
Ships to: Worldwide
Shipment details: All the boxes are sent between 4th and 11th of every month
Price: Starts from $35,42 per month + shipping

With the 3 months subscription you can get an Organic Extra Virgin Oil that has won an award; with 6 months subscription, you can receive a professional Italian cookbook that has informative traditional Sicilian recipes.

10. Plated

Plated is a monthly organic food box subscription company that saves your time from wasting at supermarkets and grocery stores. Instead, they offer to bring everything you need with recipes directly to your kitchen.

What will you find in the Plated Box?

  • All healthy, delicious and fresh seasonal ingredients
  • Enjoying recipes without limitations

Subscription options: Weekly

Ships to: All around the United States (Trackable)

Price: Starting from $9,95 per meal

Plated is one of the most considerable brands with its customer-friendly system.

Its system allows you to change your delivery details, skip delivery time, or even cancel the subscription.

11. Green Chef

Green Chef is a weekly organic food subscription company that delivers creative, rewarding recipes with fresh and healthy ingredients.

The process is simple: choose the plan suits your diet, give the order, remove the box, and enjoy ruling your kitchen!

What sort of subscription options does Green Chef have?

You can weekly have a 2-person subscription plan that has options such as omnivore, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo; or family plan that is designed for four people with two selections as a family omnivore and family carnivore.

What does Green Chef box have inside?
2-person plan:

  • Freshly packed organic ingredients
  • Pre-made sauces, marinades, and spice blends
  • 3 dinner recipes for 2 people
  • Thoughtfully prepared packages that are completely recyclable

You can prepare the dishes within 30 minutes.

Family plan:

  • Freshly packed ingredients
  • Pre-made sauces, marinades, and spice blends
  • 2 wholesome dinner recipes for 4 person family, including kid-lovely foods
  • Thoughtfully prepared packages that are completely recyclable

Regardless of your opinion, you can prepare your meal between 30 and 45 minutes.
Ships to: All around the United States, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Louisiana.
Price: Starting at $10,99

Once you try Green Chef, you will never want to cancel your subscription.

12. Takeout Kit

Takeout Kit is an international meal kit delivery service that brings your favorite restaurant directly to your kitchen.
With Takeout Kit you do not have to waste your time waiting for your order or lose your money unnecessarily anymore.

With Takeout Kit you only need to do is unbox the delivery, then you will become an international chef within an hour!

Moreover, you can also find omnivore, gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options to order.

What will you receive with your monthly Takeout Kit?

  • Easy-to-follow recipe cards
  • Non-perishable and pre-measured ingredients
  • Suggested-to use optional add-ins and drink pairings

In each kit, you will have everything essential to have a full meal experience.

Ships to: Worldwide

Price: Starting at $29,99 per month

Subscription option: Monthly

After your first delightful experience with Takeout Kit, you will always wait for the next delivery during the weeks!

13. Gobble

Gobble wants you to spend your time with your beloved ones. That’s why they developed their dishes to be cooked within 15 minutes. With only a pan and exclusive recipes, you will be surprised what you can do.

What kind of subscriptions plans does Gobble offer?

Gobble has 2 different subscription offer, which are 2-person plan and 4 people plan.

With each box, you will receive 3 meals per person that are adjustable by each person’s preferences.

Each week you have 6 different meal recipe in 4 different categories, which are From the Earth, From the Ranch, From the Sea, and From the Range.

Also if you have any menu requests such as gluten-free, low carb, vegetarian, or dairy-free Gobble is eager to help.

What will Gobble bring to your kitchen?

  • Fresh ingredients, which are chopped and marined before the delivery
  • Easy to follow instructive recipes

You should store the ingredients in your refrigerator until cooking.

Ships to: All around the United States

Shipment details: You can always adjust the delivery day

Price: Starting at $11,99

Minimum order: 2 dinner kits

Maximum order: Unlimited!

You won’t change your subscription after having your first satisfaction guaranteed time-saving menus.

14. Sun Basket

Have you had enough for junk, unhealthy, and GMO included meals outside? Then you should try Sun Basket weekly organic food subscription in order to obtain a healthier way of eating.

With 18 weekly dietitians made recipes that you can prepare in 30 minutes, you will taste what real organic foods taste like!

What does Sun Basket offer to its customers?

You can apply for different weekly subscription boxes, which are the Classic Menu and Family Menu.

While having a wide variety of options in Classic Menu, such as Chef’s choice, pale, lean & clean, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean, diabetic, and quick & easy; in Family Menu you can get either Chef’s Choice or Vegetarian option.

What will you receive in Sun Basket?

  • 500-800 calories recipes developed by award-winning chef Justin Kelly
  • Pre-measured and hand-selected fresh ingredients
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging

Sun Basket assures you that all the ingredients you will receive are fresher than the ones at your local grocery store.

Ships to: the United States

Price: Starting at $9,99 per meal

Refund: Yes.

Sun Basket’s support on sustainable farming, respect to the environment, with providing natural living conditions to animals are the reasons why you can trust them.


We know that you are busy, and do not want to waste your time picking the unspoiled vegetables among each other. Therefore, we tried to select the best monthly meal kit delivery services to provide you more time to spend with what you love, either hobby or family.

Also, you may consider cooking as a troublesome thing to do with all the process. We evaluated that option as well! You can prepare almost all of our picks within 45 minutes. Spend less time, have fewer problems!

On the other hand, we believe that with our best picks, such as HelloFresh, you will have a healthy and productive lifestyle that you deserved.

Whether you are a carnivore, omnivore, vegan, or pescatarian, we are sure that in our list you will find the best meal kit delivery option for your preferences, budget, and diet.

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