Fishing is the most relaxing activity that you can have. Some call it a weekend activity, while others consider it as a competitive sport. In each sense, fishing is a passion for the most.

Sometimes people prefer having a chilling activity in the middle of nature while listening to entrancing melodies of natural life.

Whether you look for a great father and son day or having an enjoying Sunday with your friends, having a complete tackling box makes your experience flawless.

Today, we are here to share the best tackle box subscriptions that you should get for a better fishing session.

We prepared our list by taking into consideration the customer reviews and satisfaction rates. Also, we evaluated the content of each box to find concrete details for your considerations. You are about to discover the best subscription boxes for fishing.

Best Fishing Subscription Box

1. Freestone Fly Fishing Company

Freestone Fly Fishing Company is a monthly tackle box subscription service that will fill your boxes full of fishes!

Whether you are a beginner who wants to improve skills or an experienced fisher, Freestone Fly Fishing Company will supply you what you need.

What sort of subscription options does Freestone Fly Fishing Company?

You can either have monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, or yearly subscriptions.

What will you get with Freestone Fly Fishing Box?

Depending on your decision, you will get Fly-Tying box or Freshwater Trout boxes.

In each box, you will receive 12 trout flies, unique stickers, an informative guide that includes useful tips and tricks, and an extra fishing item!

How much is Freestone Fly Fishing Subscription Box?

Subscriptions starts at $16,95 + shipping per month. Shipping is free of charge for the United States and Canada.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping details: If you can purchase your order until the end of the month, Freestone Fly Fishing Company will send orders on the 4th of every month from Canada.

With its great assortments and impressive quality materials, you will be an addict!

We bet your courier will be your best friend after the first delivery.

2. Mystery Tackle Box

What is the most important thing you consider while subscribing stuff from online? Is it customer care? Or maybe premium quality products. For some, it is punctuality. For us, all of them! And we believe that Mystery Tackle Box will adequately provide you all the services you need.

Mystery Tackle Box is one of the most popular monthly tackling box subscriptions of  Karl’s Bait & Tackle, which has strictly loyal customers all around the continent due to its customer priority policy.

Also, with Mystery Tackle Box will monthly bring the most entertaining way to explore new fishing items.

What kind of subscription options does Mystery Tackle Box have?

Mystery Tackle Box has multiple subscription options, which are Regular Box, Pro Box, Elite Box, and Beginner Series.

You can subscribe to every option, except for Beginner Series, for a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

Beginner Series is only for 3 months subscriptions.

What will you get with Mystery Tackle Box?

The contents of the boxes depend on your choice. In each box, you will receive a wide range of products.

Beginner Series: This box is designed for those who have no fishing experience but wants to start from somewhere. Exclusive bass and panfish tackling gears
Written and visual contents will teach you “how to”s correctly. Each month you will achieve another step.

Regular Box: You will monthly get special materials for tackling either bass, trout, inshore saltwater, panfish, catfish, or walleye fishes.

Pro Box: You will monthly receive gears for catching fishes; such as bass, trout, inshore saltwater, panfish, catfish, walleye. You can also get multi-species box option that includes products to catch bass, panfish, and catfish.

Elite Box: You will monthly receive products and materials that provide you a professional experience of tackling. You can pick either bass or multi-species box option.

How much do subscriptions cost?

  • Beginner Series cost $59,97 for 3 months
  • Regular Box costs $16,99 per month
  • Pro Box cost costs $26,99 per month
  • Elite Box costs $39,99 per month

Shipping is free of charge.

Also, you can pause or cancel your subscription any time you want.

Ships to: United States of America, and Canada

Shipping details: Mystery Tackle Box ships the orders within 10 business days after the order

Either you will purchase for yourself or as a gift, with every benefit and unique service quality of Mystery Tackle Box, you will see the real happiness every month in only a box!

Go online, check the options, order the best offer for you and wait for the true happiness to knock your door.

3. Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box is one of the best monthly tackle boxes that you can find online. It’s affordable, and high-quality products will provide you an easier way to tackle.

What are the subscription offers of Lucky Tackle Box?

Lucky Tackle Box has 3 different types of subscription, which are Regular, XL, and Tournament options.

You can subscribe to each box either monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, or yearly.

What will you get with Lucky Tackle Box?

  • Regular Box subscription has three different box selections, which are bass, crappie/panfish/trout, or ice fishing boxes.
    • Bass box option consists of 5 perfect baits per box.
    • Crappie/Panfish/Trout box option has 5 to 7 baits per box
    • Ice Fishing box consists of 5 baits per box.
  • XL Box subscription has five different subscription options, such as BassXL, SaltwaterXL, Multi-speciesXL, WalleyeXL, and FlyXL.
    • BassXL and SaltwaterXL consist of 7 perfect baits per box and curated for seasonal anglers.
    • WalleyeXL has 7 great baits per box and designed for seasoned anglers.
    • Multi-species Box consists of more than 6 baits per box for every angler.
  • Tournament Box subscriptions are basically extended and specialized versions of bass, and multi-species boxes.
    • Inside of Multi-species box, you will find 13 to 16 professional baits that are perfectly prepared for versatility and usability.
    • Bass-Tournament Series contains 13 to 16 unique baits that are valued from $85 to $100.

How much do subscriptions cost?

  • Regular box costs $16,99 per month
  • XL boxes cost $26,99 per month
  • Tournament boxes cost $46 per month

Shipping is free of charge within the United States.

Ships to: United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Whether you are an amateur fisherman who sails on weekends or a competitive fisherman, Lucky Tackle Box assures that you will catch more fishes with its baits!

4. Timber Edge Outdoors            

If you are eager to start a new outdoor hobby, or just want to have a wide assortment of outdoor sports products, Timber Edge Outdoors is exactly for you.

Timber Edge Outdoors is a monthly outdoor sports subscription box service that includes gears for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking.

What are the subscription offers of Timber Edge Outdoors?

You can either subscribe for a month or 3 months.

What will you get inside the Timber Edge Outdoors subscription boxes?

Timber Edge Outdoors renovates its subscription boxes monthly. That’s why every month you will receive different items.

You will get 4-6 items that are useful for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking.

The content of the boxes is basic and stable. So, either you are a beginner or an experienced outdoor person, you will get helpful items.

Prices start at $34,99 + shipping

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping details: Timber Edge Outdoors will send the boxes on the 7th of every month from the US

Either you go camping in the woods or having an outdoor activity, such as hiking, hunting or fishing, you will need a complete package that contains everything you need out there.

In this case, Timber Edge Outdoors boxes will be your best companion providing the essentials you need.

5. PostFly Box

Are you looking for a monthly fishing subscription box that brings you all your necessities while having a perfect fishing experience? Then let us introduce the PostFly Box!

PostFly Box is a company that aims to deliver top quality products for more and bigger fishes. With PostFly, you will have no free space on your deck because it will be filled with fish!

What kind of subscription options does Postfly Box have?

Postfly Box has 5 different monthly subscription offers for you to receive monthly.

What will you receive in Postfly Box?

Postfly Box will send you a box full of 12 to 15 trout flies, or 4 to 6 saltwater flies/ bass-warm water flies.

  •         Steelhead and Salmon Box, which has everything you need to have for catching more steel and salmon.
  •         Saltwater Box, which includes kits to target the flats and inshore tidal waters.
  •         Warmwater Box, which contains gears to catch warm-water species, such as bass and panfish.
  •         Fly Tying Box, which consists of premium tying materials with flies that you select, such as trout, warm water, saltwater, salmon and steelhead.
  •         Trout Box includes the tools to swing for trout.

In each box, you will receive 12 to 15 trout flies or 4 to six bass/warm water or saltwater flies and fly-tying essentials, with a distinguished sticker and specialized information.

Price: Starts at $16,50 + shipping

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping details: If you purchase your subscription by the 15th of the month Postfly can send your box on the 20th of every month from the US

Whether you are going to buy a gift to your father for his birthday or just want to catch more fishes than you had done, Postfly will knock your door and bring everything to increase your experience!

6. Fishing Enthusiast Monthly Boxes

Fishing Enthusiast is a family foundation that aims to provide unforgettable fishing gifts your favorite fisherman.

The company was established in 2010 by a real fishing enthusiast, David.

He thought that giving a fishing lure as a gift to his father would be great. He then considered to develop this idea through the sky and since then, this fishing gift service expanded consistently.

What are the subscription options for Fishing Enthusiast?

You can have 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months subscription options.

You can also adjust the number of the boxes.

What will monthly fishing subscription boxes bring to you?

Fishing Enthusiast has 3 different subscription boxes, which are Freshwater Lure of The Month Club, Saltwater Lure of The Month Club, and Freshwater Fly of The Month Club.

  • Freshwater Lure of The Month Club boxes consist of lures for those who go fishing inland locations, freshwater lakes, streams or ponds.

You can catch freshwater fishes, such as bass, bluegill, walleye, catfish, shad, cad, and trout.

  • Saltwater Lure of The Month Club contains lures for fishermen who sail through the oceans or saltwater.

With those premium lures your fisherman will be able to catch saltwater fishes like bonefish, redfish, salmon, tuna, tarpon, and tuna.

  • Freshwater Fly of The Month Club box club is for fly fishers who enjoy the calmness and peace of the nature at streams, lakes, or rivers away from the civilization.

With those flies, your fisherman will catch fishes easier than before.

Each box is curated finickily for its purpose. No unnecessary mixtures, no obligations. Just what you need.

Prices start at $15,00 per month.

Shipping is free of charge.

Ships to: continental United States of America

Shipping details: All the orders are shipped by the 23rd of the month and estimated to delivered by the end of the month.

Fishing Enthusiast will be your assistant for helping your number one fisherman to improve his skills in his passion, fishing!

7- Isle Box

Isle Box is a service that maintains premium outdoor gears monthly or seasonally to its subscribers from Detroit, Michigan.

What does Isle Box have for subscribing?

Isle Box offers you to have 3 types of subscription options.

  • 1 Quarter Subscription
  • 2 Quarters Subscription
  • 4 Quarters Subscription

How much are Isle Box subscriptions?

Price: $106,25 -> 12 months (4 boxes subscription)

Price: $110,00 -> 6 months (2 boxes subscription)

Price: $125,00 -> 3 months (1 box subscription)

Ships to: Most of Europe, Australia, Norway, the UK, the US

Shipping details: Isle Box sends the orders around the 21st of every month from the US

If you are interested but have some hesitation, you can purchase for once instead of subscribing periodically.

With that option you will be able to discover the real quality from Isle Box.


Getting a fishing subscription box is an excellent way to increase your fishing experience. In most of the boxes you will find baits, trout flies, stickers and guides that will help you get better at fishing. We hope our list will be helpful for you to have a proper box for your next adventures.

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